C—Epiphany 2/Ordinary Time 2

Presider or deacon
Clothed in the beauty of Christ,
let us approach the Lord
with prayers for all peoples.

Deacon or other leader
For the church of Jesus Christ in every place.

For N our bishop,
for presbyters, deacons, and all who minister in Christ.

For this holy gathering and for all the people of God.

For this country, for all nations and their leaders,
and for those who guard the peace.

For all those in danger and need:
the sick and the suffering,
prisoners, captives, and their families,
the hungry, homeless, and oppressed.

For the dying and the dead.

For ourselves, our families, and those we love.

Remembering the blessed Virgin Mary,
N, and all the saints,
let us offer ourselves and one another
to the living God through Christ.
To you, O Lord.

O God, who sent Jesus among us,
hear the prayers of your people,
and make us into new wine
for the glory of your kingdom;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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