The Stations of the Cross are an ancient form of Christian devotion. They were originally observed by pilgrims visiting the Holy Land, and were popularized by the Franciscans when they were given custody of the holy sites in Jerusalem in the 14th Century.

Eight of the fourteen stations come from Scripture, with the remaining ones being drawn from tradition and legend. For those who wish, Pope John Paul II has created a version of the stations in which all 14 stations are from Scripture. In this form, the stations are as follows: (1) The Agony in the Garden; (2) Jesus' betrayal and arrest; (3) He is condemned by the Sanhedrin; (4) Denied by Peter; (5) Condemned to death by Pilate; (6) Scourged and crowned with thorns; (7) He is made to carry his cross; (8) Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus; (9) Jesus meets with the women of Jerusalem; (10) He is crucified; (11) He promises paradise to the thief; (12) He speaks to John and Mary; (13) He dies; (14) He is laid in the tomb.

Below are several links to several on-line versions of the Stations of the Cross.

If anyone knows of any others that they would like to see added, please let me know.

Download a printable Way of the Cross (text from the first link below) here:
Printable Booklet (pdf, 8.5x5.5, foldable into a booklet on 2-sided 8.5x11 paper)
Printable Display (pdf, 8,5 x 11 printable copy)

The Way of the Cross - this is my on-site version, with text from the Scriptures. Artwork from Fiat Lux Glassworks. Text, Barton Cotton

The Via Dolorosa - A virtual online tour of the Way of Sorrows in Jerusalem.

Creighton University - Stations from Creighton University. Includes an audio version.

Virtual Stations of the Cross - From Busted Halo magazine. A video version with reflections.

John Henry Cardinal Newman Stations - with short meditiations written by John Henry Cardinal Newman.



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