First week of Lent Saturday Matins

Troparion (to Theodore) Tone 2
Great are the accomplishments of faith,
For the holy martyr Theodore rejoiced in the flames as though at the waters of rest
Offering himself as sweet bread to the Trinity.
So by his prayers, O Christ God, save our souls!

Kontakion Tone 8
Your faith in Christ was like a breastplate upon your heart:
With its aid, you overcame the power of the enemy.
Therefore you are crowned in eternity with a heavenly diadem.

Theotokion Tone 2
Beyond all thought and exceedingly glorious are your mysteries,
Sealed in purity and preserved in Virginity,
You were revealed as truly the mother who bore the true God!
Beseech him to save our souls!

(after the 2nd reading of the Psalter):
Sessional hymn
Tone 3
You burned with the Orthodox faith,
Quenching the error of false teaching!
You destroyed the Godless worship of idols.
You were sacrificed as a burnt offering to God!
With your miracles you bring joy to the end of the earth!
Glorious martyr, pray to Christ our God that we may receive great


The Lord who strengthened you in your sufferings,
Has given you to all the inhabited earth
As a divine gift of salvation.
You heal the diseases of our soul
And put to flight the passions of our body!
Martyr Theodore, pray to Christ our God that we may receive great

Now and ever...

You have conceived in your womb, undefiled Virgin,
The God whom nothing can contain:
The hypostatic word and consubstantial son,
Who shone forth changelessly before all ages from the Father!
With the prophets and martyrs,
The holy monks, ascetics and righteous,
Entreat him that we may be granted remission of our sins!

Hymn of Light

Crowned and victorious saint of God,
You now stand with the angels before Christ's judgment seat.
Filled with the light of heaven,
Pray without ceasing for peace in the world
And for our salvation, Theodore,
As we celebrate your joyful feast with true devotion,
Blessed and glorified martyr!


Crowned and victorious saint...

Now and ever...

Wishing to restore the fallen world from corruption,
The Lord came to dwell in your womb, Theotokos,
In a way that he alone understands.
And all of us who have found salvation
Cry aloud to you with the greeting of the angel:
Rejoice, blessed among all women,
For you have brought forth joy to the whole inhabited earth!

The Praises
Tone 1 (to Theodore) to the special melody "Joy of the Heavenly Host"

Faithful, let us gather with one accord,
Praising in mystical hymns
The champion of the heavenly army,
The strong warrior of our holy faith,
And together let us say: martyr of Jesus, worthy of our wonder,
Pray for us, who honor you!
Thrice-blessed Theodore,
You are truly named 'the gift of God,'
For you are given as a source of gladness to all in affliction.
For everyone who draws near your shrine in sincerity
Worships Christ and receives with joy the reward of your miracles.
By your sufferings and labors
You stored up for yourself the riches and glory of holiness.
You offered all your strength as a gift acceptable to God,
By your martyrdom
Eagerly fulfilling the promise of your God-given name.
Let us rejoice on this radiant celebration of the divine martyr;
And let us all who love to keep the feast be glad in faith
As we honor the joyful celebration of his death.
Let us sing in praise of Jesus who has glorified his memory!


Tone 6
You are a gift of holiness, Theodore,
Bringing to the world in your wisdom the riches of the divine life.
Christ has glorified your memory,
And rejoicing in your feast with one accord,
We faithful praise your labors and your suffering.

Now and ever...

You are the true vine who blossomed for us the fruit of life:
Implore him, we pray you, lady,
Together with the apostles and all the saints,
That he will have mercy on our souls.

Tone 4

Now assemblies of martyrs rejoice in your temple
Suffering saint Theodore!
And ranks of angels praise your fortitude through torture.
Christ himself, the giver of crowns, stands and bestows rich gifts
With his right hand to those who praise you.
Desiring Christ, you sought and found him.
Communing now with the one whom you sought,
Entreat him to save and enlighten our souls!

Verse: The righteous shall rejoice in the Lord, and
shall set his hope on him!
The pure and blameless fast has now come to us,
Leading us in course to celebrate the martyr's miracles.
Through fasting we are cleansed from spiritual stain;
From the martyr's sign and sufferings we draw courage against
Therefore, being enlightened by the divine grace of abstinence
And by the miraculous acts of the martyr Theodore,
We are confirmed in Christ in the faith,
Entreating him to grant salvation to our souls!

Verse: the righteous flourish like a palm tree, and
grow like a cedar in Lebanon!
Possessing the boldness of a martyr before God, Theodore,
You destroyed the plot devised by the apostate against the faith of Christ.
As a champion fighting in defense of the people of God,
Your coming delivered them from the defilement of idolatrous sacrifice.
Therefore we honor you as the destroyer of idols,
The Savior and guardian of the flock of Christ,
The protector ever ready to hear our prayers!
And we ask in our hymns of praise,
That through your intercessions,
Forgiveness and enlightenment may be granted to our souls!


Tone 8

Armed with good courage through your sufferings,
Victorious martyr of Christ,
By his power you invisibly defended true spiritual worship.
You rendered the impious idols and cruel tyrant powerless,
Scorning torture and the brief burning by fire.
Both in name, and in truth, you are a gift from God:
By your intercessions, save those who celebrate your memory!

Now and ever...

Accept, lady, the prayers of your servants,
And deliver us from all necessity and tribulation!


First week of Lent Saturday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

(six Stikhera for the resurrection)

Tone 6
Incomprehensible Lord,
Shining forth in eternity before the morning star:
The prophets inspired by your Spirit
From the bosom of the immaterial and incorporeal Father,
Foretold that you should become a child incarnate from the Virgin,
Taking your place among men,
Visible to those on earth!

Therefore, compassionate one,
Make us worthy of your enlightenment through their intercessions,
As we praise your ineffable and glorious resurrection.
In truth, the God-proclaiming prophets,
When they preached you by their words,
And honored you in their deeds,
Bore the fruits of eternal life.

For having firmly refused to worship creation apart from you,
Master and creator,
They evangelically renounced the world,
Imitating your passion which they had prophesied.
Therefore, prepare us through their intercessions
To pass blamelessly across the battle-field of abstinence,
Only all-merciful one!

Though infinite in your divine nature, master,
You condescended to be incarnate in these last days,
And became finite,
For by putting on the body
You put on also its natures.

Therefore we present the likeness of your image,
And venerate it in honor of its prototype,
Ascending towards your love where we partake of the grace of healing
Following the divine traditions of the apostles.
In truth, the church of Christ
Has taken on a venerable adornment:
The holy icons of Christ the Savior;
Of the Theotokos, and all the saints!
Elevated in joy and gladness, she rejoices in grace!

Refuting the multitudes of heretics,
Glorifying her all-compassionate God with gladness,
Who bore patiently his voluntary sufferings for her sake!

"Lord I call..."


Tone 2

The grace of truth has shone,
And the things foreshadowed of old have been openly fulfilled:
For behold, the church has put on the incarnate likeness of Christ,
An adornment transcending the world,
In accord with the prefiguring tabernacle of the covenant,
That we may not be lost in wandering
As we keep with us the icon of him whom we worship and revere.
Therefore, let the non-believers be confused.
For our kneeling in true worship of the incarnate is a glory to us.
Let us venerate it, O believers,
Saying: O God, save your people and bless your inheritance!

Now and ever... (of the resurrection)

(of the resurrection)


Tone 2

All who have passed from false doctrine to true worship,
Who are illumined with the light of knowledge:
Let us clap our hands with the psalms, offering praise to God.
Let us bow in adoration to the icon of Christ,
To the icon of the most pure one,
To the pictures of all the saints drawn on the walls;
On tablets and holy vessels!
Refuting the lie of the evil-opinioned.
For Basil said, the adoration of the picture
Is transmitted to its prototype.
And we implore you, Christ God,
By the intercession of your pure mother and all the saints,
Grant us great mercy!

Now and ever...

A new miracle surpasses all ancient miracles!
Who knows of a mother who gave birth without a man,
Who carried in her arms her creator?
This birth is the will of God!
Since you carried him as an infant in your arms, most pure one,
And since you possess motherly boldness before him:
Do not cease praying for us who honor you,
That he may be bountiful and save our souls!

First week of Lent first Sunday

Troparion Tone 2
We venerate your most pure image, good one,
And ask forgiveness of our transgressions, Christ our God.
Of your good will you were pleased to ascend the cross in the flesh
And deliver your creatures from bondage to the enemy.
Therefore with thankfulness we cry aloud to you:
You have filled all with joy, our Savior
For you came to save the world!

Kontakion Tone 8
No one could describe the Word of the Father;
But when He took flesh from you, Theotokos, He accepted to be described,
And restored the fallen image to its former state by uniting it to divine beauty.
We confess and proclaim our salvation in word and images.

Theotokion Tone 2
Beyond all thought and exceedingly glorious are your mysteries, Theotokos!
Sealed in purity and preserved in Virginity,
You were revealed as truly the mother who bore the true God!
Beseech Him to save our souls!


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