First week of Lent Thursday Matins

(after the 2nd reading of the Psalter):
Sessional hymn
Tone 2
Word of God, you made your disciples as stars
Illumining the ends of the earth by their preaching!
Illumine our hearts with the light of the virtues;
Cleanse us through fasting;
Grant your servants repentance and conversion
That we may glorify you, O Savior, the only all-loving one!


Word of God, you made your disciples...

Now and ever...

I need your help, Theotokos!
Do not turn from me, for my soul trusts in you:
Have mercy on me!

(after the 3rd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 5
We entreat you, Twelve Apostles:
Intercede for us that we may in peace practice abstinence,
The most glorious of the virtues that abides in heaven,
So may we gain the fruits of salvation!
For you are indeed a strong support to us on earth and a refuge for our souls!


We entreat you, Twelve Apostles...

Now and ever...

As we confess you in truth, Theotokos,
To be worthy of all praise;
Truly higher than the heavens
And more holy than the cherubim,
We sinners gain salvation
And find protection in temptation!
Do not cease to intercede on our behalf,
For you are a strong support and a refuge for our souls!

The Canon

Canticle four:

First Canon
Tone 2 (by Joseph the hymnographer)

You have come forth from a Virgin,
Neither angel nor messenger,
But the Lord himself made flesh,
Bringing salvation to me, who am man.
Therefore I cry to you: Glory to your power, O Lord!
Become as lightning, my soul,
Receiving the flashing rays of abstinence,
And flee from the obscurity of sin:
That through the divine spirit
The light of forgiveness may enlighten you as the rising sun.
The deceiver enticed and captured me with the hook of pleasure.
But, Apostles, as by your preaching
You have caught the whole world in your net
Deliver me from his malice.
Glorious Apostles,
You shine as rays from the sun of glory.
You dispel the eclipse of error.
Let your light also fall on me,
For I am darkened by every evil.

I cry out to you day and night in my affliction.
Encircled by your help and strength, Virgin, I shall be saved,
And shall leap over the wall of sensual pleasure.

Second Canon

Tone 5 (by Theodore)

The works of your providence, Lord...

Shining with the radiance of the sun of righteousness, Apostles,
You give light to this earthly world,
Driving away the gloom of error.
Apostles, you are the lyre of the Savior, played by the Spirit;
Preaching to the ends of the earth,
You sing a melody pleasing to the ear,
Converting the world to God.


Let us glorify the Trinity in unity of essence;
Let us sing the Praises of the one Lord God,
The Father unbegotten,
the Son begotten and the Spirit of life.

Now and ever...

A Virgin has conceived, Lord,
And given birth to you, Emmanuel;
For you are come to bring salvation to your people,
And to save all your anointed
In your love for mankind.
Glory to you, our God, Glory to you!
Divine and honored company of the twelve Apostles,
We entreat you to pray to Christ for us
That with a firm resolve
We may pass through the period of the forty days.

Katavasia: The works of your providence, Lord,
Filled the prophet Habakkuk with wonder,
For you have come to bring salvation to your people,
And to save all your anointed ones.

Canticle eight:

First Canon

The three holy children were not obedient to the decree of the tyrant...

Let us abstain from every pleasure;
Let us enrich our powers of perception through fasting,
And let us drink gladly the cup of compunction, as we sing:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!
Apostles, when you sit with Christ to judge mortal men,
Though I deserve condemnation for my many sins,
Intercede for me, that I may be granted a place at his right hand.
Cleansed by the fast,
Let us go up into the chariot of the divine virtues,
Making our mind ascend on wings to the height of heaven, as we sing:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!

Virgin, you bore the fire of the Godhead, yet remained unconsumed.
Burn up the passions of our souls,
For in faith we call on you with the angelic salutation,
Since it is you alone who bring us joy!

Second Canon

Your holy children...

We praise the trumpets of the spirit, the disciples of Christ,
And we cry aloud:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!
We praise the disciples of Christ
Who offer intercession for the world and drive away all error,
And we cry aloud:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!
Let us bless the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit: the Lord!
We praise the all-holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Spirit,
And we sing: All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!

Now and ever...

With all mankind we sing the Praises of your ineffable childbearing,
And with true devotion we cry aloud, pure virgin:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!
Glory to you, our God, Glory to you!
Pray for us, Apostles,
That we may complete these days of propitiation in peace,
As we cry aloud:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!
Let us praise, bless and worship the Lord,
Singing and exalting him throughout all ages!

Katavasia: Your holy children
Sang your praises in the furnace, O Christ,
And they said: All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!

Canticle nine:

First Canon

You have enclosed within your womb...

Cast into the yawning deep of sensual pleasure,
I call upon the abyss of your tender mercies:
O helmsman, save me!
Fountain of compassion,
Give me compunction and cries of sorrow,
That I may lament the endless ocean of my evil deeds.
At the holy prayers of your disciples, Jesus
Grant that I may venerate your divine passion
And your dread resurrection.

You made our earthly nature heavenly, undefiled virgin,
For God took up his dwelling in your womb:
Deliver us all from danger!

Second Canon

We magnify, O Christ...

The Apostles prophetically drew the water of immortality
From the fountain of the Savior,
Ever giving the thirsty drink from the teachings of life.
Apostles, princes of the king of heaven,
You have subdued the whole inhabited earth,
So that it honors him alone,
Worshiping and giving glory to him as God.


Trinity, undivided unity,
All-creative and all-powerful,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
You are my God, and Lord and light;
I sing your praises and I worship you.

Now and ever...

We and every generation shall call you blessed, pure Virgin mother,
For you are the mercy-seat of the world,
Who have ineffably borne the Savior and creator.
Glory to you, our God, Glory to you!
Choir of the apostles,
Keep safe those who praise you,
And grant that they may pass with a contrite heart
Through all the days of the light-giving fast.

Katavasia: We magnify, O Christ, your all-blameless and pure mother,
For in ways past nature, according to the flesh,
She bore you, our deliverer from all error and corruption.

It is truly right to bless you, Theotokos,
Ever blessed and most pure and the mother of our God!
More honorable than the cherubim,
And more glorious beyond compare than the seraphim!
Without corruption you gave birth to God the word:
True Theotokos, we magnify you!

Tone 3
You have appointed repentance for me, a sinner, Lord,
Wanting to save me, an unworthy man, because of your great mercy.
I fall down to you in prayer:
Humble my soul through fasting, for I have fled to you
Lord of great mercy!

You have appointed...

Even after death you shine as lights in the world,
Holy martyrs!
You tied yourselves to noble tasks;
Therefore you now have boldness before Christ:
Entreat him to have mercy on our souls.

Glory to the Father... Now and ever...

You are the mediator of those who pray, Theotokos.
In you we have confidence, and in you we rejoice;
All our hope we have put in you.
Pray to your Son for your unworthy servants!


First week of Lent Thursday Sixth Hour

Troparion of the prophecy Tone 1
Deliver us, Lord, from enemies visible and invisible
So that strangers may never say: where is their God?
Let them understand, master,
That you forgive the sins of your repentant people.

Prokeimenon of the prophecy Tone 1
When the Lord turns back * the captivity of his people.
Verse: the fool says in his heart: there is no God!

Reading from the prophecy of Isaiah 2: 11-21

Prokeimenon Tone 4
Lord, who shall sojourn * in your dwelling place?
Verse: walking blamelessly, and doing right?


First week of Lent Thursday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

Tone 2
I have been darkened by the devil's deceits, my Christ.
Enlighten me, enlightener of the faithful,
Who darkened the sun as you hung upon the cross,
Granting deliverance,
So that as I walk in the light of your precepts
I may see purely the saving rays of your resurrection!
Hanging as a vine upon the tree, Savior,
You satisfied the earth with the wine of incorruption.
Therefore, I cry to you:
I have been drunk always and darkened with sinfulness.
Satisfy me with the true sweet drink of compunction,
And strengthen me now through abstinence from pleasures
My gracious Savior and lover of mankind!
Great are the wonders of the cross!
It planted abstinence firmly in the church.
And uprooted Adam's lack of it in paradise.
One tree in Eden brought death to man,
But another on Golgotha granted eternal life to the world.
The cross is the fountain of paradise
Which released your life-bearing blood and water.
By your cross, gladden our Lenten joy,
God of Israel who possesses great mercy.

Prokeimenon Tone 4
I will bless the Lord * who gives me counsel!
Verse: Preserve me, O God, for in you do I take refuge!

Reading from Genesis 2: 4-19

Prokeimenon Tone 4
Keep me, O Lord * as the apple of the eye.
Verse: Hear a just cause, O Lord!

Reading from Proverbs 3: 1-18

Tone 4

Desiring to commune with the divine Pascha,
The Pascha, not from Egypt, but from Zion,
Let us renounce the drink of sin through repentance!
Let us gird our loins with the mortification of pleasures!
Let us cover our feet with shoes that tread no evil path!
Let us be confirmed with the shield of faith!
Let us not imitate the enemies of the master's cross!
Let us pursue victory over the devil through fasting
For the sake of our Savior, who showed us the way!

Desiring to commune...

You are glorified in the memory of your martyrs, O Christ.
They entreat you on our behalf, O God
To send down on us great mercy!

Glory to the Father... Now and ever...

Lord, when your mother saw you crucified,
She was filled with awe and cried:
What is this I see, my son?
The faithless and lawless people condemn you
Even though they have been gladdened by your many wonders.
But Glory to your ineffable condescension, O Master!


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