First week of Lent Wednesday Matins

(after the 2nd reading of the Psalter):
Sessional hymn
Tone 2
Through your passion, loving Lord,
You have given all men freedom from passions,
Putting to death the passions of my flesh by your cross.
Count me worthy, then, to see your divine passion:
That having been well-pleasing to your glory in the fast,
I may receive your great and abundant mercy!


Through your passion, loving Lord...
Now and ever...

Beholding you, O Christ, stretched dead upon the tree,
Your Virgin mother cried out with bitter tears:
My son, what is this fearful mystery?
How do you give eternal life to all,
And yet suffer willingly a shameful death upon the cross?

(after the 3rd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 2

Lord, you have consecrated and given us this light-giving season of abstinence,
Enable us all to pass through it in compunction and sincerity,
Living in peace by the power of the cross,
Only lover of mankind!


Lord, you have consecrated and given us...

Now and ever...

Guarded by the precious cross of your son,
Pure lady and Theotokos,
We easily turn away all the assaults of the enemy!
Therefore we rightly call you blessed,
For you are the mother of light and the only hope of our souls!

The Canon
Tone 2

Canticle three:

At your coming, Lord,
The desert, the barren church of the Gentiles
Flowered as the lily,
And my heart as well, is established in that coming!
Let us crucify our members through abstinence;
And as it is written, let us be vigilant in prayer,
Living after the example of him who suffered;
By his passion, putting to death the passions.
Rejecting the bitter food of sin,
Let us seek to please Christ,
Who of his own will tasted gall
And by the cross cast down the author of evil.
Sin has become a habit for me,
And it drags me down to complete perdition.
But by your cross deliver me from my sinfulness,
Compassionate Lord of many mercies!

Lady who bore the master,
Queen of all creation,
Set me free from bondage to the deceitful enemy!

(another Canon in the same tone):

Lord, by the wood of the cross...

From the tree of the cross
The flower of abstinence grows for all the world.
Then let us accept the fast with love,
And take pleasure in the fruit of Christ's divine commandments.
Abstaining from the passions,
Let us crucify our flesh for the sake of the Lord:
By our life in Christ,
Let us all show that the pride of the flesh is dead.


I glorify three persons in one nature,
Father, Son and Spirit,
The one power of the Godhead,
One kingdom over all and one brightness!

Now and ever...

Your child bearing, pure Lady, fills our hearts with fear,
For it is God who has become man,
Beyond time, begotten from the Father,
And in the last days brought forth by you through a Virgin birth.
Glory to you, our God, Glory to you!
I praise your crucifixion, O Christ,
And the piercing of your divine side,
From which each day I draw an immortal drink
And am sanctified.

Katavasia: Lord, by the wood of the cross, you put sin to death:
Be our strength and support!
Graft your fear in our hearts as we sing in praise of you!

Canticle eight:

The fiery furnace in ancient Babylon
Worked in opposing ways by the command of God:
Burning the Chaldeans,
While refreshing the faithful as they sang:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord!
The furnace of the passions consumes my soul;
But quench its flames with the dew of your mercy.
For in your loving self-abasement, benefactor,
At your crucifixion,
You made a fountain of dispassion to flow from your pure side.
Lifted upon your cross, O Christ,
You have raised up us who were fallen into evil.
I have slipped into the pit of sin:
Bring me out and set me firmly on the rock of salvation,
That I may glorify your power!
Through the lance that pierced your side, O Christ,
You have cleansed my heart from the corruption of the passions.
I have been wounded by the poisonous bite of the serpent.
Heal me in every part,
And make me walk unwavering upon the paths of God.

We all honor you, undefiled Virgin,
As the shining lamp and candlestick
In which the fire of the Godhead came to dwell,
Bringing light to those held fast in the dark night of corruption,
And we bless your childbearing, blessed among women!

Second Canon

Let us praise him, who of old in the burning bush...

Let us praise him who was crucified upon the tree between two thieves,
And whose life-giving side was pierced by a lance:
Let us bless and exalt him above all forever!
You judge all the earth
Yet you stood before the judgment seat of Pilate!
You were struck on the cheek, mocked, and hung upon the cross,
Delivering me forever from the corruption of the ancient sin.
Let us bless the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit: the Lord!
One Godhead, one in Trinity,
Undivided in nature yet divided in persons,
Power that shall never be destroyed,
Father, Son and spirit,
We sing your praises forever!

Now and ever...

Pure Mother of God,
Gate of heaven and door of salvation,
Accept the prayer of all Christians who call you blessed forever!
Glory to you, our God, Glory to you!
Cross of Christ, you brought the thief to faith,
And me to the season of the fast:
Count me worthy to venerate you at the feast that is to come,
And to be filled with life.
We praise, bless and worship the Lord,
Singing and exalting him throughout all ages!

Katavasia: Let us praise him, who of old in the burning bush
Prefigured the miracle of the Virgin to Moses on Sinai:
Let us bless and exalt him above all forever!

Canticle nine:

The Son of the Father without beginning has appeared to us:
God the Lord, made flesh of the Virgin,
To give light to those in darkness,
Bringing together those who had been scattered.
Therefore we magnify the honored Theotokos!
The fast shines upon us all more brightly than the sun,
Bringing us the light of grace,
Proclaiming the good news of the cross,
Of the precious passion, and the saving day of resurrection.
Let us love chastity and flee from fornication!
Let us gird our loins with temperance
That we may appear in purity before the Savior of our souls,
Who alone is pure and desires the purification of us all.

Nail my flesh with the fear of you, O Christ,
Who nailed the sin of Adam to the cross.
Loose me from the bonds of wickedness,
Shatter the arrows of the evil one with your lance, master,
And deliver me from all his mischief.

Virgin maiden who bore Christ the Lord,
The just judge who alone is ever ready to forgive,
Deliver me from the condemnation,
From the fire and torment that I deserve to suffer
Because of my delight in sin.

Second Canon

Pure and undefiled Virgin mother...

How great is your compassion!
For you endured the cross, the nails and the lance, O Lord,
For my sake, who am condemned to corruption.
Therefore I sing your praises, O Christ.
With all your people we worship your life-giving passion,
The cross, the reed, the nails and the lance,
Praising you in our songs, O Christ.


Unity in three coequal persons,
Undivided Trinity, sovereign nature:
Father, Son and divine spirit, save us all.

Now and ever...

Rejoice, Theotokos,
Mercy-seat of the world!
As we ever run to you for refuge,
We sinners gain reconciliation with God.
Glory to you, our God, Glory to you!
Through your cross, loving Lord, you gave me strength:
Grant that I may complete the time of the fast with good courage!

Katavasia: Pure and undefiled Virgin mother,
In faith and true devotion
We magnify you in song as the Theotokos!
It is truly right to bless you, Theotokos,
Ever blessed and most pure and the Mother of our God!
More honorable than the Cherubim,
And more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim!
Without corruption you gave birth to God the Word:
True Theotokos, we magnify you!

Tone 8

Come, let us battle thoughts of passion through fasting,
Shielding ourselves with spiritual wings
So that we may endure the enemy's storm with ease!
That we may be worthy of adoring the cross
Of the Son of God who was voluntarily slain for the world,
That we may spiritually celebrate the Savior's resurrection from the dead!
Ascending the mountain with the disciples,
We will glorify the one who received all authority from the Father,
The Son and lover of mankind!

Come, let us battle...

Invincible martyrs of Christ,
You defeated deceit with the power of the cross
And received the grace of eternal life!
The threats of your torturers, you did not fear!
You were glad of being wounded by them,
And now your blood is the healing of our souls!
Pray that our souls may be saved!

Glory to the Father... Now and ever...

What is this sight I behold with my eyes, master?
The one who sustains all creation is raised on the wood!
The one who gives life to all is made to die!
The most pure Theotokos lamented in tears,
When she beheld the God and man on the cross
Who ineffably shone from her!


First week of Lent Wednesday 6th hour

Troparion of the prophecy
Tone 4

You know our frame, our weakness, lover of mankind!
We have sinned, but have not turned from you, O God,
Nor have we raised our hands to a foreign God://
Pity us in your goodness, compassionate one!

Prokeimenon of the prophecy
Tone 4
I will give thanks to the Lord * with my whole heart!
Verse: I will be glad and rejoice in you!

Reading from the prophecy of Isaiah: 2:3b-11

Prokeimenon Tone 6
The Lord is righteous! He loves righteous deeds: * the upright shall behold his face!
Verse: in the Lord have I hoped; how can you speak to my soul?


First week of Lent Wednesday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

Tone 8

While fasting physically, brethren,
Let us also fast spiritually.
Let us loose every knot of iniquity;
Let us tear up every unrighteous bond;
Let us distribute bread to the hungry,
And welcome into our homes those who have no roof over their heads
So that we may receive great mercy from Christ our God!
Fame and praise befits the saints!
For they bowed their necks beneath the sword
For your sake, who bowed the heavens and came down.
They shed blood for you, who emptied yourself
And took the form of a servant!
By emulating your poverty, they too humbled themselves even unto death.
By their prayers, have mercy on us, O God
According to the abundance of your great mercies!

Tone 2

Jesus, the spiritually radiant sun
Has sent you into the world as shining flashes of lightning,
Apostles and eye-witnesses of God!
By the rays of your divine doctrines,
The error of darkness was swept away,
Enlightening those who were held in the gloom of ignorance.
Entreat him to grant us enlightenment and great mercy.
Elijah was enlightened through fasting;
He mounted the chariot of good works and was taken up to the heights of heaven.
Emulate him, humble soul!
Abstain from every evil and jealousy,
From every fleeting pleasure,
So that you might be cleansed of corrupting disease; the fires of Gehenna,
Crying to Christ: O Lord, Glory to you!

Tone 5

Divine Apostles,
Fervent intercessors for the world,
Defenders of the Orthodox.
You have authority to entreat Christ our God with boldness.
We entreat you to pray for us, honorable ones,
That we might spend the good time of fasting in joyousness,
And receive the grace of the consubstantial Trinity.
Pray for our souls, great and glorious preachers!

Tone 5

You, O Lord, shall protect us * and preserve us from this generation for ever.
Verse: Save me, Lord, for there is no longer any that is Godly.

Reading from Genesis 1: 24 - 2:3

Prokeimenon Tone 6
Consider and answer me * O Lord, my God!
Verse: Lord, will you forget me until the end? How long will you hide your face from me?

Reading from Proverbs 2: 1-22

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