Second week of Lent Monday Matins

(after the 2nd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn (by Joseph)
Tone 4

I entreat you in your compassion, O Christ,
Restore to life through true fasting and repentance
My soul slain by the fruit of disobedience.
Grant that I may ever walk the straight path of your holy commandments,
That in the company of all who love you,
I may share in your divine glory, O Jesus,
And praise your goodness towards all!


I entreat you in your compassion, O Christ...

Now and ever...

Tossed in the storm of the passions,
Deaf to the voice of my conscience,
I call on you with fervor, pure Virgin!
Do not let me perish in my wretchedness,
For you have borne the Lord of unending mercy:
I have no other hope but you;
I put my trust in you!
Do not let my enemies triumph over me and mock me.
All that you desire you have the power to do,
For you are mother of the God of all!

(after the 3rd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 6

Direct our steps, O Lord,
As we set out on the second week of the fast.
Shine the sanctifying light of your commandments on us
And make us worthy to offer you an acceptable prayer on bended knees:
For you are our Father and we are the work of your hands:
We sing your praise with fear and call on your name!


Direct our steps, O Lord...

Now and ever...

The message of Gabriel to the Virgin
Was the beginning of salvation
For she heard his greeting: Rejoice!
And did not reject his salutation.
She did not doubt like Sarah in the tent, but replied:
Behold the handmaid of the Lord,
Be it done to me according to your word!

Tone 5

Prayer and fasting are a marvelous weapon
Which Moses shows us as a writer of the law,
and Elijah shows us in zealous sacrifice.
Abiding in them, faithful, let us cry to the Savior:
Against you only have we sinned! Have mercy on us!

Prayer and fasting are a marvelous weapon...

Blessed is the army of the heavenly king!
Born on earth and enduring sufferings
They hastened to achieve the rank of angels.
Not caring for the flesh, through suffering,
They were accounted worthy of bodiless nobility!
By their prayers, Lord, save our souls!

Glory... Now and ever...

We entreat you as the mother of God:
Pray for our souls, blessed one!


Second week of Lent Monday Sixth Hour

Troparion of the prophecy
Tone 5

Remember that we are but dust,
Creator of our hearts!
Do not condemn us to the nethermost parts of the earth, sinless one!

Prokeimenon of the prophecy
Tone 6

Come, praise the Lord, * all you who fear the Lord!
Verse:my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
hear me!

Reading from the prophecy of Isaiah 4:2-6, 5:1-7b

Tone 6

Your rod and your staff, * they comfort me.

Verse:the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want!


Second week of Lent Monday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

Tone 8 (by Joseph)

To what shall you be likened, wretched soul?
Lazy in good deeds, but watchful for evil!
Repent, for judgment is at the door:
Cleanse yourself by prayer and fasting.
Cry out to the Master: I have sinned against you;
Pardon me in your compassion and grant me forgiveness!

Your lovingkindness is wider than the sea!
Christ my God, dry up the sea of my evil and sin,
For you alone are sinless.
Grant my heart compunction, restraining the tempest of my wickedness
That I may sing your praises and glorify your infinite compassion,
Longsuffering benefactor of our souls!

(by Theodore)

You lead us through the time of the holy fast, O God,
And have enabled us to enter into its second week.
Grant, Lord, that in the weeks to come
We may run the race with all our might.
Give our souls and bodies grace and strength
That we may complete the course with courage and joy
And come to the royal day of resurrection;
And wearing crowns of victory, ceaselessly praise you!

Tone 1

The Lord, strong and mighty! * the Lord mighty in battle!
Verse: The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof!

Reading from Genesis 3:21-4:7

Tone 6

Look upon me, * and have mercy on me!
Verse: To you, Lord, do I lift up my soul!

Reading from Proverbs 3:34-4:22

Tone 3

Let us perform a spiritual fast!
Let us loose every tie!
Let us flee from the pitfalls of sin!
Let us forgive our brother's debts
That our transgressions may also be forgiven!
Then we will be able to sing:
Let my prayer arise in your sight as incense, Lord!

Let us perform a spiritual fast...

The prophets, apostles, and martyrs of Christ
Taught us to praise the consubstantial Trinity.
Having enlightened the nations that had gone astray,
They made the sons of men companions of the angels!

Glory... Now and ever...

Do not forget your poor to the end, Theotokos!
But deliver us from present harm and future trouble
Through your intercessions, lady,
Spare your servants from the wrath of the Lord.


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