Second week of Lent
Saturday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

(six Stikhera of the resurrection)

(the texts for this office, except for the two Canons, were written by Patriarch Philotheos of Constantinople in 1368 when the feast of St. Gregory Palamas was appointed for this Sunday of Lent.)

Tone 2

What hymns of praise shall we sing to honor the holy bishop,
The trumpet of theology, the flaming mouthpiece of grace,
The honorable receiver of the spirit,
The unshaken pillar of the church,
The great joy of the inhabited earth,
The river of wisdom, the candlestick of light,
The shining star that has made all of creation bright! (twice)
What words of song shall we weave as a garland,
That we may crown the holy bishop?
He is the champion of true devotion,
The adversary of impiety,
The fervent protector of the faith,
The great guide and teacher,
The well-tuned harp of the spirit,
The golden tongue, the fountain flowing with waters
For healing the faithful;
The great and honorable Gregory!

With what words shall we earth-dwellers praise the holy bishop?
He is the teacher of the church,
The herald of the light of God,
The initiate of the heavenly mysteries of the Trinity,
The chief adornment of the monastic life,
Known both in action and contemplation,
The glory of Thessalonica!
Now together with the great martyr Demetrius, from that same city,
Where his relics flow with the oil of healing,
He dwells forever in heaven!


Tone 6

Thrice-blessed saint, most holy Father,
Excellent pastor and great shepherd, disciple of Christ,
You have laid down your life and soul for the sheep,
And now, God-bearing Gregory, by your intercessions,
Pray to our Father to bestow on us mighty mercy!

Now and ever... (of the resurrection tone of the week)

Second Saturday in Lent
St. Gregory Palamas


Tone 6

Your lips are full of grace, holy Father!
You have become a shepherd of the church of Christ
Teaching your spiritual flock to believe in the Trinity,
Consubstantial in one divinity!

Now and ever...

My maker and redeemer, Christ the Lord,
Was born of you, most pure Virgin!
By accepting my nature he freed Adam from his ancient curse!
Unceasingly we magnify you as the mother of God!
Rejoice, celestial joy!
Rejoice, O Lady,
The protection, intercession and salvation of our souls!

Second week of Lent 
Saturday Vespers

(of the resurrection)

Tone 8

Your tongue, watchful in teaching, rang in the heart,
And awakened the souls of men from slothfulness,
And by your divinely-sounding word,
We find a ladder leading us from earth to heaven.
Therefore, Gregory, wonder of Thessalonica,
Never cease entreating Christ to enlighten those who honor you!

Now and ever...

Unwedded Virgin,
Who ineffably conceived God in the flesh!
O Mother of God most high!
Accept the cries of your servants, blameless one!
Grant cleansing of transgressions to all!
Receive our prayers and pray to save our souls!

Second week of Lent Sunday

Troparion  (of the resurrection)

Tone 8
Light of Orthodoxy, teacher of the church; its confirmation!
Ideal of monks and invincible champion of theologians.
Wonder-working Gregory, glory of Thessalonica and preacher of grace:
Always intercede before the Lord that our souls may be saved!

Tone 4
Now is the time for action!
Judgment is at the doors!
So let us rise and fast,
Offering alms with tears of compunction and crying:
Our sins are more in number than the sands of the sea,
But forgive us, master of all,
So that we may receive the incorruptible crowns.

Tone 8
Together we sing your praises, divinely-inspired Gregory:
God's holy instrument of wisdom; the joyful trumpet of theology!
As you now stand in mind and spirit before the creating wisdom,
Guide our minds to him, Father, that we may cry out to you:
Rejoice, preacher of grace!


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