Second week of Lent
Thursday Matins

(after the 2nd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 3

God-bearing apostles,
Christ who is the vine brought you forth as clusters of grapes
Giving the world the new wine of salvation!
Therefore, I entreat you,
Deliver me from the drunkenness of sensual pleasures;
Grant my soul tears of compunction on this holy day of the fast,
That I may gain life and salvation!


God-bearing apostles...

Now and ever...

Calling to mind the measureless riches of your compassion
And the invincible might of your power,
I run to you for protection!
Oppressed by troubles and utterly perplexed,
I cry out with tears from the depths of my heart:
Help me, Virgin Theotokos,
For you are the only guardian of the world!

(after the 3rd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 8

Lord, in this holy season,
Be merciful to us!
Give us the grace to weep from our hearts always before you,
Washing away the pollution of our souls;
Growing ever more obedient to your commands,
That in our fasting we may truly please you!
At the prayers of your apostles who brought the world salvation,
Grant us all to see your holy passion!
O Lord, Glory to you!


Lord, in this holy season...

Now and ever...

Pure and holy Theotokos, Virgin and mother,
Cause the fountain of your compassion to flow abundantly on us;
Grant us the remission of our sins,
For you are our guardian and divine protection!

Tone 8

If we set our hands to doing good,
The effort of Lent will be a time of repentance for us,
A means to eternal life,
For nothing quite saves the soul as much as giving to those in need.
Alms, inspired by fasting, deliver man from death.
Let us embrace this, for it has no equal;
It is sufficient to save our souls!

If we set our hands to doing good...

Dressed in the armor of faith,
Armed with the sign of the cross,
You were soldiers who were worthy of God.
Manfully you opposed the torturers,
Crushing the devil's deceits.
You were victors, made worthy of crowns.
Pray to Christ for us that he may save our souls!

Glory... Now and ever...

I run to your protection,
Holy Virgin Theotokos,
Knowing I shall obtain salvation,
For you are able to help, pure one.


Second week of Lent Thursday
Sixth Hour

Troparion of the prophecy
Tone 1

Raise up those who have fallen, O God;
Turn back those who have turned away,
For you are the lover of mankind
Who uphold the ends of the earth.

Prokeimenon of the prophecy
Tone 6

I sought the Lord and he answered me * and delivered me from all my fears.
Verse: I will bless the Lord at all times.

Prophecy of Isaiah 6:1-12

Tone 6

Arise, O Lord * and take up my right.
Verse:Judge those who have wronged me, Lord!


Second week of Lent
Thursday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

Tone 4 (by Joseph) to the special melody
you have given a sign

Your side was pierced when you hung upon the wood,
Pouring life out upon me
Who was deadened by the guile of the serpent
By eating from the tree!
Therefore I glorify you, Christ, and entreat your compassion:
Grant me to complete the fast with compunction,
That I may venerate your passion and resurrection!

The fruit of the tree brought sorrow to Adam,
For you banished him from paradise,
But when you were crucified as man upon the tree
You led him back, Savior!
Therefore I cry to you, O redeemer:
Having purified me through tears, repentance, and fasting,
Now rescue me from my sorrow,
Most gracious Jesus, the Savior of our souls!

Tone 5 (by Theodore)

Word, we sing of your life-creating cross:
It has blossomed life in the world by slaying death!
Now we offer it to you in intercession.
Strengthen us who fast in these holy days.
Grant us strength to battle passions
And a peaceful victory,
According to the greatness of your mercy, lover of mankind!

Tone 4

Your mercy, Lord, extends to the heavens; * your truth, to the clouds!
Verse: Your righteousness is like the mountains of God; your judgments are like the great deep!

Reading from Genesis 5: 1-24

Tone 6

Wait for the Lord, * and keep to his way!
Verse: Fret not yourself because of the wicked; be not envious of evildoers!

Reading from Proverbs 6: 3-20

Tone 5

Of old, our parents did not fast according to the creator's command
And received death as a fruit of the tree of knowledge.
They were banished from the tree of life,
And from the sweetness of paradise!
Therefore, faithful, let us fast
From corrupting snares, from harmful passions,
So that we may acquire life from the divine cross,
And return with the good thief to our initial home,
Receiving great mercy from Christ our God!

Of old, our parents...

Not rejoicing in earthly things,
Going forth to tortures bravely,
You, all-laudable martyrs, did not fail in your blessed hopes.
Since now you have boldness before God, the lover of mankind,
Entreat peace for the world,
And for our souls, great mercy!

Glory... Now and ever...

When the ewe saw her lamb going to the slaughter,
She followed him crying:
Where are you going, Christ, my sweetest child?
For whose sake do you hasten, long-suffering one?
Jesus, most fair and sinless!
Lord of great mercy, give me, your servant, a sign.
Do not neglect me, your Mother, in silence,
All-merciful God, who grants the world great mercy!


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