Second week of Lent Tuesday Matins

(after the 2nd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 8

Restraining the passions with the bridle of pure fasting,
Let us all in perfect faith
Strive to raise our mind to holy contemplation!
Let us despise the pleasures of this earthly life,
That we may gain the life of heaven and divine enlightenment!


Restraining the passions with the bridle of pure fasting...

Now and ever...

Because of the great number of my evil and unlawful deeds,
I have fallen into the troubled waters of despair.
I am utterly perplexed and held captive by despondency.
O sovereign lady Theotokos, save and help me,
For through you sinners receive atonement, cleansing and salvation!

(after the 3rd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 8

Setting before us a mystical table,
The fast invites us all to take our fill!
Our food shall be the eternal gifts of the Spirit;
Our drink, divinely flowing streams of tears.
Let us rejoice and ever give praise to God!


Setting before us a mystical table...

Now and ever...

Save us, most holy Virgin,
From all the threats and wickedness of men,
For to you, and to your son, our God,
We flee for refuge, O Mother of God:
You are our guardian and protector!
Pray to him that we may be delivered from danger and calamity!

Tone 5

If you are lazy, my soul, why do you work at sin?
Why, if you are ill, do you not run to the physician?
This is the acceptable time!
This is truly the day of salvation!
Arise, and wash your face with tears of repentance,
Illumine your light with the oil of good deeds,
So that you might acquire cleansing and great mercy from Christ!

If you are lazy, my soul, why do you work at sin...

Your suffering saints endured tortures, Lord,
Imitating the ranks of angels,
In unison hoping for enjoyment of promised blessings.
By their prayers, Christ our God,
Grant peace to the world, and great mercy to our souls!

Glory... Now and ever...

We bless and glorify you, as is right, Theotokos,
Invincible city and unshakeable wall,
The sure defender and refuge of our souls!


Second week of Lent Tuesday Sixth Hour

Troparion of the prophecy
Tone 6

We are unable to praise you worthily,
But we beseech you in our prayers:
Do not forsake us in our iniquities
Lord of gracious will!

Prokeimenon of the prophecy
Tone 4

Lord, I have loved the beauty of your house + and the place where your glory dwells.
Verse: Vindicate me, Lord, for I have walked in my integrity!

Prophecy of Isaiah 5:7-16

Tone 3

The Lord is my light and my salvation * whom shall I fear?
Verse: The Lord is the defender of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?


Second week of Lent Tuesday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

Tone 1 (by Joseph)

You stretched out your most pure hands upon the cross, O Lord,
Gathering the ends of the earth.
Therefore, I cry to you:
Gather together my scattered reasoning,
Enslaved and beguiled by passions.
Show me to be a partaker of your sufferings,
By being purified through abstinence.

Of old, the fast strengthened the holy youths,
And as it is written,
Showed them to be stronger than the burning fire!
Fast, therefore, my humble soul!
Kindle in yourself love towards the master!
So will you be able to avoid the future Gehenna,
And burn up the wicked passions.

Tone 3 (by Theodore)

The time of Lent is a time of gladness!
With radiant purity and pure charity
Filled with resplendent prayer and all good deeds,
Let us sing with joy:
Most holy cross of Christ that blossomed the sweetness of life,
Enable us all to bow down before you with pure hearts,
Granting us purification and great mercy!

Tone 6

Lord, save your people * and bless your inheritance.
Verse: To you, Lord, will I call, my God!

Reading from Genesis 4: 8-15

Tone 7

The Lord shall give strength to his people, * the Lord shall bless his people with peace!
Verse: Offer to the Lord, you mighty; offer young rams to the Lord!

Reading from Proverbs 5: 1-15

Tone 3

You were crucified in the flesh, Lord,
Crucifying our old man with yourself.
Your side was pierced with a spear,
And the serpent that enticed man was speared to death.
Nail my flesh to the fear of you,
Wound my soul with your love,
That fully understanding your passion,
I may strictly fulfill the order of lent,
Closing not only my mouth, the entrance of food,
But also the doors of any other sins!
For my past transgressions I will offer you
A contrite soul and a broken heart!
Deliver me from them, lover of mankind!

You were crucified in the flesh, Lord...

The prophets, apostles, and martyrs of Christ
Taught us to praise the consubstantial Trinity!
Having enlightened the nations that had gone astray,
They made sons of men companions of the angels!

Glory... Now and ever...

Seeing your Son suspended on the wood,
You cried out, blameless one:
My child, ordained from all eternity,
Where has your radiant goodness gone
Which enriched human nature?


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