Third week of Lent
Monday Matins

(after the 3rd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 8

Let us all burn up the thorns of the passions that assault us
With the fire of abstinence!
Let us put out the unquenchable fire
With the streams of our tears!
Let us cry out to him who comes to judge the whole earth:
Savior and all-merciful Lord,
Keep us uncondemned and grant us forgiveness of our sins!


Let us all burn up the thorns of the passions that assault us...

Now and ever...

Pure and blessed Virgin,
Full of the grace of God,
Ever pray together with the powers above,
The archangels and all the spiritual hosts,
To him who in his tender compassion was born of you!
May he grant us before the end
Pardon and forgiveness of our sins
Together with amendment of our lives,
That we may find mercy!

(after the 3rd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn
Tone 8

Holy and honored Trinity,
As we now enter the third week of the fast,
Keep us safe from harm and condemnation.
Enable us rightly to pass through the remaining time,
And so to fulfill all your commands,
That offering up our hymns of praise with a pure conscience,
We may attain the glorious resurrection!


Holy and honored Trinity...

Now and ever...

You are the protection of the faithful, mother of God,
The joy of the afflicted, the great comfort of those who mourn.
Ever pray for us, Virgin,
With the angels and principalities,
To him who was wondrously born from your most holy womb
That in the hour of judgment
We may be delivered from the dread condemnation!

Tone 4

I am clothed in the filthy garment of my transgressions;
I have been driven from the bridal chamber of joy!
But be bountiful to me through your ineffable compassion,
As you were to the prodigal son, O God,
And have mercy on me.

I am clothed...

Who will not wonder at your struggle, holy martyrs?
How in the flesh you defeated the bodiless enemy!
You confessed Christ, being armed with the cross,
Truly driving the demons away,
Defeating the evil one.
Pray unceasingly that our souls may be saved!

Glory... Now and ever...

Candlestick and throne of righteousness!
Most holy lady,
Pray that our souls may be saved.


Third week of Lent Monday
Sixth Hour

Troparion of the prophecy
Tone 4

Even though we are helpless, weakened by sin,
Heal our infirmities, physician of souls,
For you know the mind of man, O lover of mankind.

Prokeimenon of the prophecy
Tone 4

A prayer to the God of my life: * you are my defender.
Verse: As a hart longs for flowing streams,
So longs my soul for you, O God!

Prophecy of Isaiah 8: 13-9:7

Tone 6

You are my God * and my salvation.
Verse: Vindicate me, O God, and defend my cause!


Third week of Lent
Monday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

Tone 1 (by Joseph)

Let us love the fast!
By the power of the Holy Spirit
The evil passions of the soul will be driven out.
He will strengthen us in performing divine deeds;
He will direct our minds to heaven.
He will mediate forgiveness for our transgressions
Granted to us by the bountiful God.

All my life, Lord, I have foolishly wasted with strangers.
Now, like the prodigal, I cry with compunction:
I have sinned, heavenly Father!
Be merciful to me, and save me!
Do not forsake me for ever,
Even though I, myself, had forsaken you.

Tone 3 (by Theodore)

Come, let us sing in psalms of joy
Embracing the precious fast!
In it, we spiritually tread on the serpent,
Crying to Christ with boldness:
Account us worthy, Savior
Of beholding without condemnation and adoring your holy cross
And rejoicing in it with joy.

Tone 4

In God have we boasted all the day; *
and we will give thanks to your name for ever!

Verse: We have heard with our ears, O God;
our Fathers have told us!

Reading from Genesis 6: 9-22

Tone 6

I will remember your name *
from generation to generation.

Verse:my heart overflows with a goodly theme;
I address my verses to the King!

Reading from Proverbs 8: 1-21

Tone 2

Gracious Father,
My senselessness has robbed me of all your gifts.
I have been far from you, working for a stranger.
I have tended beasts, but was not even filled with their food.
Knowing your compassion, I have run to you:
Clothe my nakedness with your love for mankind and save me.

Gracious Father...

By the holy martyrs praying for us,
Singing the praises of Christ,
All error has come to an end,
And mankind is being saved by faith.

Glory... Now and ever...

A light has shone to the world from your Virginal womb:
The Word of God.
Entreat him, pure and most holy Virgin,
To deliver our souls from the snares of the enemy.


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