Third week of Lent
Saturday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

(six Stikhera of the resurrection)
Tone 5 (To the special melody "Rejoice, Ascetics")
Shine, cross of the Lord!
Illumine the hearts of those who honor you!
With love inspired by God,
We embrace you, the only hope of the world!
Through you our tears are wiped away,
The snares of death are sprung,
We pass over into everlasting joy.
Lord, through the cross, reveal your beauty to us.
Help your servants who ask for mercy in faith!
Bestow upon us the fruits of abstinence.

Rejoice, life-bearing cross!
Bright paradise of the church, the tree of incorruption!
You have obtained for us the joy of everlasting glory.
Through you, the hosts of demons are driven out,
The choirs of angels are amazed and rejoice.
The company of faithful gathers in celebration.
Unconquerable weapon, unbroken stronghold,
Triumph of Orthodox Christians and pride of priests,
By following you may we witness the passion and resurrection of Christ our God!

Rejoice, life-bearing cross!
The invincible weapon of Godliness,
The gate of paradise, the protection of the faithful!
The cross is the might of the church,
Through which corruption is abolished,
Through which the power of death is crushed.
The cross raises us from earth to heaven,
The cross is the enemy of Satan!
The cross is the glory of the martyrs!
The cross is the haven of salvation,
Which grants the world great mercy!

Come, Adam and Eve,
Our first mother and Father!
You fell from divine glory.
Through the envy of man's murderer.
The pleasure of the tree of old was bitter
But see, the honored tree of the cross draws near!
Run with haste and embrace it in joy,
Crying out with faith:
You are our help, most precious cross!
We eat your fruit and gain incorruption!
We are restored again to Eden,
Having received great mercy!


Tone 3

Wishing to restore all men to life,
You accepted crucifixion, Christ our God!
Burning with boundless love for man,
You took the quill of the cross in your hand,
Dipping it in ink of royal crimson,
You signed our release with blood stained fingers.
Though temptations assault us, may we never forsake you again.
Have mercy on your despairing people, long-suffering master!
Arise and fight our enemies in your almighty power!

Now and ever...
(of the resurrection)

(of the resurrection)

Glory... Now and ever...

Tone 4

The humble David
Defeated his tormentors by your help, Lord.
Now grant the power of your cross to all Orthodox Christians,
Bestow on us your mighty mercies, compassionate one,
So that our adversaries might know that you are God.
We will be victorious for we hope in you!
Through the intercession of your all-pure mother,
Grant us great mercy.


Third week of Lent
Sunday of the cross

(Troparion of the resurrection)

Tone 1

O Lord, save your people,
And bless your inheritance.
Grant victories to the Orthodox Christians,
Over their adversaries.
And by virtue of your cross
Preserve your habitation!

Tone 7

Now the flaming sword no longer guards the gates of paradise;
It has been mysteriously quenched by the wood of the cross!
The sting of death and the victory of hell have been vanquished,
For you, my Savior, came and cried to those in hell:
Enter again into paradise.


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