Fourth week of Lent
Saturday Vespers

St. John Climacus

"Lord I call..."

(Six Stikhera of the Resurrection)

Tone 8 (to the special melody Marvellous Wonder)

Holy Father John,
The Lord's praises were always on your lips!
With deep wisdom you searched the scriptures
Which teach us to deny ourselves.
You became rich in the blessings of grace,
Overthrowing the craftiness of the devil. (twice)

Most glorious Father John,
You washed your soul in a fountain of tears!
You kept vigil for God, and gained his mercy.
Upborne on the wings of prayer, holy one,
You flew to divine love and beauty.
Now you dwell in his spiritual light and unending joy,

Together with your fellow soldiers.
Holy Father John,
On the wings of faith you raised your mind to God!
Hating this world's confusion and vanity,
You took up your cross and followed him who sees all things.
You submitted your rebellious flesh to his guidance,
Through the discipline of self-denial,
By the power of the Holy Spirit!


Tone 5

Holy Father,
Hearing the Lord's voice in the Gospel,
You spurned the riches and glory of the world.
You cry out to all:
Love God, and find eternal grace!
Set nothing higher than his love,
So you will find rest with all the saints,
When he comes in glory!
Through his prayers, guard and save our souls, O Christ!

Now and ever... (of theTone of the week)


Fourth week of Lent Saturday Vespers
St. John Climacus

(of the resurrection)


Tone 2

Let us honor John!
He is an earthly angel and heavenly man!
The adornment of the world, the joy of the faithful!
The glory of ascetics!
He was planted in the house of God,
And blossomed with the flower of sanctity!
He flourished in the desert like a cedar of Lebanon!
Through him the sheep of Christ's flock grow in holiness and righteousness!

Now and ever...

A new miracle surpasses all ancient miracles!
Who knows of a mother who gave birth without a man,
Who carried in her arms her creator?
This birth is the will of God!
Since you carried him as an infant in your arms, most pure one,
And since you possess motherly boldness before him:
Do not cease praying for us who honor you,
That he may be bountiful and save our souls!


Fourth Week of Great Lent

Troparion of the resurrection
Tone 1

Dweller of the wilderness and angel in the body!
You were a wonder-worker, our God-bearing Father John!
You received heavenly gifts
Through fasting, vigil and prayer:
Healing the sick and the souls of those drawn to you by faith.
Glory to him who gave you strength!
Glory to him who granted you a crown!
Glory to him who through you grants healing to all!

Tone 4
The Lord truly set you on the heights of abstinence,
To be a guiding star,
Showing the way to the universe, our Father and teacher John.

Tone 1

When Gabriel greeted you, O Virgin,
He cried out like the righteous David,
For in you, sacred ark, was the master of all incarnate.
You were manifest as more spacious than the heavens,
For you bore your creator!
Glory to him who dwells in you!
Glory to him who comes forth from you!
Glory to him who frees us through your child!


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