Fifth week of Lent
Saturday Matins

Praises of the Theotokos

(Matins begins in the usual way. Following the reading of Kathisma 16 and the little litany, we begin the hymns of the Akathist, slowly and solemnly):

Kontakion I
Tone 8
Victorious leader of triumphant hosts,
We your servants, delivered from evil, sing our grateful thanks to you, Theotokos
As you possess invincible might, set us free from every calamity,
So that we may sing: rejoice, unwedded bride!

Ikos I
A prince of the angels was sent from heaven to greet the Theotokos, saying: Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Seeing you, Lord, take bodily form at his bodiless word, he stood in awe and cried:

Rejoice, for through you joy will be enkindled;
Rejoice, for through you the curse will be quenched!
Rejoice, recall of fallen Adam;
Rejoice, deliverance of weeping eve!
Rejoice, height unattainable to human reason;
Rejoice, abyss unsearchable by angelic eyes!
Rejoice, for you are the throne of the king;
Rejoice, for you bear him who upholds all things!
Rejoice, star giving rise to the sun;
Rejoice, womb giving flesh to God!
Rejoice, for through you creation is renewed;
Rejoice, for through you the creator becomes a newborn child!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion II
As she beheld herself in all her purity,
The holy lady cried out with boldness to Gabriel:
Strange are your words to me, and hard for my soul!
How do you speak of childbirth from a conception that is seedless,
Crying: Alleluia!

Ikos II
Desiring to know what is beyond knowledge, the Virgin cried to the ministering angel: tell me, how can a child be born of my virginal womb? He answered in fear, crying:
Rejoice, initiate of God's secret counsel;
Rejoice, belief in what must be guarded by silence!
Rejoice, first of Christ's miracles;
Rejoice, crown and fulfillment of his teachings!
Rejoice, heavenly ladder by which God descended;
Rejoice, bridge leading us from earth to heaven!
Rejoice, greatly glorified wonder of angels;
Rejoice, bitterly lamented wound of demons!
Rejoice, for you shall ineffably bring forth the light;
Rejoice, for you have revealed the mystery to none!
Rejoice, wisdom surpassing the knowledge of the wise;
Rejoice, dawn enlightening the minds of the faithful!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion III
Then the power of the Most High overshadowed the unwedded handmaiden so that she might conceive. He made her fruitful womb a fertile field for all who long to reap the harvest of salvation, crying:

Ikos III
Bearing God within her womb, the Virgin hastened to Elizabeth, whose snborn child, knowing at once the salutation of the Theotokos, rejoiced, and leaping up as if in song, cried out to her:

Rejoice, vine bringing forth an unwithering branch;
Rejoice, orchard of pure fruit!
Rejoice, for you tend the husbandman, the lover of mankind;
Rejoice, for you bear the gardener who cultivates our life!
Rejoice, earth yielding a rich harvest of compassion;
Rejoice, table laden with abundant mercy!
Rejoice, for through you the fields of Eden flower once again;
Rejoice, for you make ready a haven for our souls!
Rejoice, acceptable incense of intercessions;
Rejoice, propitiation for the whole world!
Rejoice, loving-kindness of God to mortals;
Rejoice, freedom of mortals to approach God!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion IV
Tossed within by a storm of doubts, sober Joseph was greatly troubled. Knowing you, blameless Virgin, as unwedded, he feared a stolen union. But when he learned that your conceiving was of the Holy Spirit, he cried:

(We sing again the Kontakion "Victorious leader..." and read Kathisma 17. After the little litany we repeat "Victorious Leader...")

Ikos IV
The shepherds heard the angels glorify Christ's coming in the flesh. They ran with haste to the shepherd, and beheld him as a spotless lamb pastured at Mary's breast. They sang praises to her, saying:

Rejoice, mother of the lamb and shepherd;
Rejoice, fold of spiritual sheep!
Rejoice, protection against unseen enemies;
Rejoice, key to the gates of paradise!
Rejoice, for heaven exults with earth;
Rejoice, for earth dances with heaven!
Rejoice, never-silent boast of the apostles;
Rejoice, invincible courage of the martyrs!
Rejoice, firm foundation of the faith;
Rejoice, shining revelation of grace!
Rejoice, for through you, hell is stripped bare;
Rejoice, for through you we are clothed in glory!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion V
When they had seen the star pointing to God, the magi followed its light, keeping it before them as a beacon. With its help they sought the almighty king, and reached the unattainable! They rejoiced and cried out to him:

Ikos V
The children of the Chaldeans saw the Virgin holding in her hands him who with his hands fashioned mankind. Though he had taken the form of a servant, yet they knew him as their master. In haste they knelt before him with their gifts, and cried out to the blessed Virgin:

Rejoice, mother of the never-setting star;
Rejoice, bright dawn of the mystical day!
Rejoice, for you have quenched the furnace of deception;
Rejoice, for you illumine all who love the mystery of the Trinity!
Rejoice, for you have cast down from his dominion the hater of mankind;
Rejoice, for you have revealed Christ the Lord, the lover of mankind!
Rejoice, deliverance from the worship of pagan idols;
Rejoice, liberation from the filth of sin!
Rejoice, for you have quenched the worship of fire;
Rejoice, for you have released us from the flames of passion!
Rejoice, guide of the faithful to chastity;
Rejoice, gladness of all generations!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion VI
The magi returned to Babylon, now become God's messengers. They fulfilled the prophecy concerning you. Preaching you to all as Christ, they left Herod to his raving, not knowing how to sing:

Ikos VI
Shining upon Egypt with the light of truth, you dispelled the darkness of falsehood. For the idols of that land fell, unable to endure your power, Savior, and all who were delivered from them sang to the Theotokos:

Rejoice, restoration of the human race;
Rejoice, downfall of demons!
Rejoice, for you have trampled the delusion of error;
Rejoice, for you have exposed the snares of idols!
Rejoice, sea drowning the spiritual Pharaoh;
Rejoice, rock giving drink to all who thirst for life!
Rejoice, pillar of fire, guiding those in darkness;
Rejoice, protection of the earth, more spacious than the cloud in the wilderness!
Rejoice, food surpassing Manna;
Rejoice, minister of holy delights!
Rejoice, O promised land;
Rejoice, source of milk and honey!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion VII
As Simeon drew near to the time of his departure from this world of error, he received you as an infant in his arms, yet knowing you to be perfect God! Struck with wonder at your boundless wisdom, he cried:

(we sing "Victorious leader...," and read psalm 51. After the great intercession "O Lord, save your people...," we begin the Canon to the Theotokos):

The Canon (by Joseph the hymnographer)
Tone 4

Canticle one:

Irmos: I will open my mouth, filled with the spirit;
I will sing a song to the queen and mother!
I will come rejoicing in the feast,
And I will extol all her glory!

Most holy Theotokos, save us!
The great archangel beheld you, pure Virgin,
The living book of Christ, sealed by the spirit,
And he said: rejoice, vessel of joy!
Through you we shall be loosed from the curse of our first mother!

Rejoice, Virgin bride of God, Restoration of Adam and death of hell!
Rejoice, undefiled one, pavilion of the king of all;
Rejoice, fiery throne of the Almighty!
Rejoice, for from you alone springs the unfading rose;
Rejoice, for you have borne the sweetly-smelling fruit!
Rejoice, unwedded maiden; bouquet of the only king and preservation of the world!
Rejoice, lady, treasure-house of purity, raising us up from our fall;
Rejoice, lily whose sweet scent is known to all the faithful;
Rejoice, fragrant incense and precious oil of myrrh!

Canticle three:

Irmos: In your divine glory, Theotokos, living and inexhaustible fountain, spiritually establish your choir, assembled in chorus. In your mercy make them worthy of the crowns of glory!

Most holy Theotokos, save us!
The divine wheat has grown from you, O untilled field:
Rejoice, living table that held the bread of life;
Rejoice, lady, never-failing spring of living water!
Rejoice, Mother, for you brought forth for the faithful the sacrificial victim without blemish;
Rejoice, ewe bearing the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
Rejoice, mercy-seat; our fervent intercessor!
Rejoice, radiant dawn alone bearing Christ the sun;
Rejoice, dwelling-place of the light.

You have dispersed the gloom,
Utterly destroying the demons of the darkness.
Rejoice, only gate through which the word alone has passed.
Lady, by your childbearing,
You have broken the bars and gates of hell.
Rejoice, bride of God, divine entry of the saved.

(After the Little Litany, we sing "Victorious leader..." and resume the hymns of the Akathist):

Ikos VII
The Creator has revealed a new creation, manifesting himself to us, his creatures. He came from a Virgin's womb, preserving it inviolate as it was before, so that beholding this miracle, we might sing her praises, crying:

Rejoice, flower of incorruption;
Rejoice, crown of chastity!
Rejoice, bright image of resurrection glory;
Rejoice, mirror of angelic life!
Rejoice, tree of glorious fruit feeding the faithful;
Rejoice, shadowing forest where many find shelter!
Rejoice, for you conceived a guide for the wanderers;
Rejoice, for you bore a deliverer for captives!
Rejoice, intercessor with the righteous judge;
Rejoice, forgiveness for many who have stumbled!
Rejoice, robe for the naked, forsaken by hope;
Rejoice, love surpassing all desire!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion VIII
As we see this strange birth, let us become strangers to the world and fix our minds in heaven, since it was for this that the most high God appeared on the earth in the form of man. It is his desire to raise up to heaven all who cry:

The uncircumscribed Word was wholly present here below, yet in no way absent from the realm on high. God descended to earth, yet underwent no change of place. He was born of a Virgin, overshadowed by divine power, and it is to her we sing:

Rejoice, enclosure of the uncontainable God;
Rejoice, gate of the hallowed mystery!
Rejoice, tidings doubted by unbelievers;
Rejoice, undoubted glory of the faithful!
Rejoice, most holy chariot of him who rides upon the Cherubim;
Rejoice, favored dwelling of him who is above the Seraphim!
Rejoice, for you are the union of opposing things;
Rejoice, for you joined childbirth to virginity!
Rejoice, for through you our sin is remitted;
Rejoice, for paradise is opened through you!
Rejoice, key of Christ's kingdom;
Rejoice, hope of eternal blessings!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion IX
All the ranks of angels wondered at the great work of your incarnation, for they beheld God, the one whom no on can approach dwelling in our midst as man, approachable to all, and hearing from the lips of all:

Ikos IX
We see eloquent orators as dumb as fish in your presence, Theotokos, for they are at a loss to explain how you remain Virgin and yet gave birth to a child. But we, marvelling at the mystery, cry aloud with faith:
Rejoice, vessel of the wisdom of God;
Rejoice, treasury of his dispensation!
Rejoice, for you reveal the folly of philosophers;
Rejoice, for you show reasoning people to be irrational!
Rejoice, for through you cunning debaters are fooled;
Rejoice, for you have silenced the makers of myths!
Rejoice, for you have torn the tangled webs of Athenians;
Rejoice, for you have filled the nets of the fishermen!
Rejoice, for you draw us from the depths of ignorance;
Rejoice, for you illumine many with knowledge!
Rejoice, ship of all seeking salvation;
Rejoice, harbor for life's travelers!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion X
The maker of all things, in his desire to save the world, came to it of his own freely chosen deed. As God, he is our shepherd, yet for our sakes, he has appeared as a man, and calling like by like, as God he hears our cry to him:

(we sing "victorious leader...", followed by the Sessional hymn):

Tone 1

The mighty leader of the angelic spirits
Came to the city of Nazareth.
He proclaimed the incarnation of the King and Lord of ages to you,
Saying: Rejoice, blessed Mary:
For you are the depth that cannot be sounded by reasoning,
And the restoration of all mankind!

Glory... Now and ever...

The mighty leader...

(And we continue with the Canon):

Canticle four:

Irmos: He who sits in glory on the throne of the Godhead,
Jesus, the true God, is come in a swift cloud,
And with his pure hand he has saved those who cry:
Glory to your power, O Christ!

Most holy Theotokos, save us!
We cry aloud to you in song with faith,
Virgin worthy of all praise:

Rejoice, rich mountain flowing with the milk of the spirit;
Rejoice candlestick and vessel of Manna, sweet to the taste of the Godly!
Rejoice, mercy-seat of the world, undefiled lady!
Rejoice, ladder raising all people from the earth by grace;
Rejoice, bridge that has brought from death to life indeed all those who sing your praises!
Rejoice, undefiled one, higher than the heavens, for without the pain of travail you held within your womb the foundation of the earth!
Rejoice, sea-shell, dying a robe of divine purple for the Lord of hosts, with your own blood.
Rejoice, lady, for in truth you bore the Lawgiver, who freely washes clean the transgressions of all.

Unwedded maiden, the unsearchable depth and ineffable height,
Through you, we are made divine!
You wove a crown for the world not made by the hand of man,
And we sing your praises, saying:

Rejoice, Virgin, the guardian of the human race,
The fortress, stronghold, and sacred refuge!

Canticle five:

Irmos: All creation was awed by your divine glory,
For you, Virgin, knew no man, yet bore the God of all.
You held in your womb the eternal son
Who grants peace to those who extol you in song.

Most holy Theotokos, save us!
The way that leads to life was born of you.
Rejoice, all-blameless one!
You have saved the world from drowning in the flood of sin!

Rejoice, bride of God, tidings awesome to hear and tell;
Rejoice, dwelling of the Master of Creation!
Rejoice, undefiled one, the strength and fortress of mankind, the sanctuary of glory;
Rejoice, destruction of hell, and bridal chamber filled with light!
Rejoice, joy of the angels;
Rejoice, help of those who call on you with faith!
Rejoice, fiery chariot of the word;
Rejoice, lady, living paradise, holding in your midst the Lord, the tree of life!

His sweetness quickens all who eat with faith,
Although they were enslaved to corruption.
Strengthened by your might, we raise our cry to you with faith:
Rejoice, city of the King of all!

Glorious things, worthy to be heard throughout the world,
Are plainly spoken of you.
Rejoice, mountain not cut by the hand of man;
Depth that none can fathom!
Rejoice, undefiled one, spacious tabernacle of the Word,
Shell from which the divine pearl has come!
Rejoice, Theotokos, full of wonders:
In every age you reconcile with God all those who call you blessed!

(beginning with canticle six, the biblical canticles may be used according to the order of the day, as well as the two Canons from the Triodion along with the Canon of the Theotokos provided)

Canticle six:

Irmos: Let us, believers, clap our hands in gladness,
Fulfilling the most precious feast.
By knowing God through the Theotokos,
Let us glorify him who was born of her!

Most holy Theotokos, save us!
Through you all can become divine,
Spotless bridal chamber of the word.
Rejoice, all-undefiled one, the prophets' song;
Rejoice, adornment of the apostles!
From you has come the dew that quenched the flame of idolatry.
Therefore we cry to you: Rejoice, Virgin,
Fleece wet with dew that Gideon saw in prophecy!
Behold, we cry: Rejoice! To you:
Be our haven as we toss upon the deep,
Our refuge from the troubled waters of affliction
And from all the snares of the enemy.
Give grace to our thoughts, cause of joy,
That we may cry out to you:
Rejoice, bush unconsumed and cloud of light,
That ever overshadows the faithful.

(After the Little Litany, we sing "Victorious leader..." and begin the final section of the Akathist hymns):
Ikos X
You are a wall for Virgins and all who run to you, undefiled Virgin Theotokos, for the creator of heaven and earth prepared and adorned you, dwelling in your womb, and teaching all to sing to you:

Rejoice, pillar of virginity;
Rejoice, gate of salvation!
Rejoice, beginning of the new and spiritual creation;
Rejoice, provider of the mercy of God!
Rejoice, for you give new birth to those conceived in sin;
Rejoice, for you give good counsel to those robbed of understanding!
Rejoice, for you destroy the corruptor of human minds;
Rejoice, for you give birth to the sower of purity!
Rejoice, bridal chamber of a seedless union;
Rejoice, union of the faithful to their Lord!
Rejoice, nurse and mother of Virgins;
Rejoice, bridesmaid of holy souls!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion XI
Every hymn fails to tell the greatness of your mercies! Were we to offer to you, holy king, songs as countless as the sands on the shore of the sea, we would do nothing worthy of the blessing you give us as we sing to you:

Ikos XI
We see the holy Virgin as a torch of living light, shining upon those in darkness. Kindling the immaterial fire, she guides us all to divine knowledge. As she illumines our mind with radiance, we sing these praises in her honor:

Rejoice, ray of the spiritual sun;
Rejoice, radiance of the moon that never wanes!
Rejoice, lightning flash illumining our souls;
Rejoice, thunder that brings terror to our enemies!
Rejoice, dawn before radiating splendor;
Rejoice, source of the river with many streams!
Rejoice, for you are Siloam prefiguring the font of baptism;
Rejoice, for you cleanse the stain of sin!
Rejoice, water washing clean the conscience;
Rejoice, chalice, where the wine of mighty joy is mixed!
Rejoice, perfume of Christ's own fragrance;
Rejoice, life of mystical feasting!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion XII
In his desire to grant release from the ancient debts, the redeemer of us all all came of his own will to those who were exiles from his grace. He has torn up the writing of our sins, and from all he hears the song:

Ikos XII
We sing in honor of your son, Theotokos, and praise you as a living temple. For the Lord who holds all things in his hand made his dwelling in your womb. He sanctified you; he glorified you, teaching all men to sing to you:

Rejoice, tabernacle of the word of God;
Rejoice, greater holy place!
Rejoice, ark made golden by the spirit;
Rejoice, never-empty treasury of life!
Rejoice, precious crown of truly faithful rulers;
Rejoice, honored glory of Godly priests!
Rejoice, unassailable fortress of the church;
Rejoice, unconquered rampart of the kingdom!
Rejoice, for through you the standards of victory are raised on high;
Rejoice, for through you our foes are cast down!
Rejoice, the healing of my body;
Rejoice, the salvation of my soul!
Rejoice, O unwedded bride!

Kontakion XIII
Mother worthy of all praise, you gave birth to the Word: He is the holiest, far above all saints! Accept this service of our offering; deliver from all calamity and protect from coming punishment those who sing:

(We repeat Ikos I and sing "Victorious leader..." to end the hymns of The Akathist. We resume the Canon):
Canticle seven:

Irmos: The Godly youths worshipped the creator, not the creature;
Manfully they trampled on the flames, singing in joy:
Blessed are you, most praised Lord, God of our Fathers!

Most holy Theotokos, save us!
We sing your praises, crying:

Rejoice, chariot of the spiritual sun;
True vine that has produced the ripe cluster of grapes,
From which flows wine that gladdens the souls of the faithful as they glorify you.
Rejoice, bride of God, for you gave birth to the healer of all;
Rejoice, mystical staff that has blossomed the unfading flower.
Rejoice, lady, for through you we are filled with joy and made inheritors of life.
No tongue is capable of praising you worthily:
You are exalted above the Seraphim, O Lady,
For you have given birth to Christ the King.
Entreat him now to deliver from all harm
Those who venerate you in faith.
The ends of the earth praise you and call you blessed;
They cry out to you with love:
Rejoice, pure Virgin, scroll on which the word is written by the Father's hand.
Pray to him, Theotokos,
To enroll your servants in the book of life,
We your servants pray to you, Theotokos,
And we bend the knees of our heart:
Incline your ear and save us,
For we are drowning in affliction.
Preserve your people from conquest by the enemy.

Canticle eight:

Irmos: He who was born of the Theotokos
Saved the holy children in the furnace.
He who was then prefigured has now been born on earth
And he gathers all of creation to sing:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord
And exalt him above all forever!
Most holy Theotokos, save us!
You received the Word within your womb;
You carried him who upholds all things!
You fed with milk the one who by his will alone feeds the whole world;
And we sing to him, pure Virgin:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord
And exalt him above all forever!

Moses beheld the great mystery of your childbearing
In the burning bush, holy and inviolate Virgin;
And the children prefigured this most clearly
As they stood in the midst of the fire and were unharmed.
Therefore we sing your praises forever!

We who were stripped naked once through falsehood,
Have been clothed in the robe of incorruption by your childbearing,
And we who once sat in the darkness of transgression,
Have seen the light, maiden, dwelling-place of light.
Therefore we sing your praises forever!
The dead are brought to life through you,
For you have borne him who is himself the life.
The dumb speak, lepers are cleansed and diseases driven out;
The ranks of the spirits of the air are conquered,
Virgin, the salvation of mortal men.
You have borne salvation for the world, pure Virgin,
And through you we are raised from earth to heaven.
Rejoice, all-blessed one, the protection and defense,
Tte rampart and stronghold of those who sing:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord,
And exalt him above all forever!

- the Magnificat is sung -

Canticle nine:

Irmos: Let every earthborn mortal be radiant
And spiritually leap for joy;
Let the ranks of angelic powers celebrate
Honoring the holy feast of the mother of God and crying:

Rejoice, pure and blessed ever-Virgin, who gave birth to God!

Most holy Theotokos, save us!
Give us, the faithful, power to cry: Rejoice! to you,
For through you, pure maiden,
We have become partakers of everlasting joy.
Deliver us from temptation,
From capture by the enemy and every other calamity
That comes on sinful mortals because of their many transgressions.
You have been made our light and confirmation,
And so we cry out to you:

Rejoice, never-setting star that brings the mighty sun into the world;
Rejoice, pure Virgin, for you have opened the closed gate of Eden;
Rejoice, pillar of fire, leading mankind to the life above!
Let us stand with reverence in the house of our God,
And let us cry aloud:

Rejoice, queen of all the world;
Rejoice, Mary, sovereign over all of us!
Rejoice, for you alone are blameless and fair among women;
Rejoice, vessel which received the inexhaustible myrrh poured out upon you!
Rejoice, ever-Virgin;
Rejoice, dove that gave birth to the Lord of mercy.
Rejoice, glory of all the saints and crown of martyrs;
Rejoice, divine adornment of all the righteous:
The salvation of the faithful.

Spare your inheritance, O God,
Overlooking all our sins.
For standing before you in your sight as intercessor, O Christ,
Is the one who conceived you on earth without seed,
When in your great mercy
You willed to be shaped in a form that was not your own!

Katavasia: Let every earthborn mortal be radiant
And spiritually leap for joy;
Let the ranks of angelic powers celebrate
Honoring the holy feast of the Mother of God and crying:
Rejoice, pure and blessed ever-Virgin, who gave birth to God!

Hymn of Light
The eternal mystery is revealed today!
God from God, the Word becomes the Son of Mary the Virgin.
Gabriel heralds the annunciation of joy;
Let us cry with him:

Rejoice, O mother of the Lord!

The Praises

Tone 4
The mystery hidden from the angels
Is entrusted today to the archangel Gabriel.
He will come to you, pure dove, with this salutation,
For you are the most holy restoration of the human race:
Rejoice, and prepare by my word to receive God the Word in your womb! (twice)

Master, a radiant palace is prepared for you:
The pure womb of the handmaiden of God.
Come and descend; have compassion on your creation!
It is held in bondage by the enemy,
It has lost its primal beauty;
It awaits your saving condescension!
Gabriel will come and proclaim to you, most pure lady:
Rejoice, removal of the curse, lifter of the fallen!
Rejoice, only one chosen to receive God in the flesh!
Rejoice, chariot of the sun of glory!
Receive the bodiless God in your womb!

Glory... Now and ever...

The Theotokos heard the mysterious voice
As the archangel announced the words of glad tidings.
When she accepted this salutation,
She conceived you, the eternal God, in her womb.
Therefore we cry out with joy:
Unchanging God who took flesh from her,
Grant peace to the world, and to our souls, great mercy!


Fifth week of Lent
Saturday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

(six Stikhera of the resurrection)

Tone 6 To the special melody: "Having set your hope on heavenly things"

You stood before the doors of the church,
Polluted with evil and unable to enter.
Accused by your conscience, wise one of God,
You converted to a better way of life.
Looking upon the icon of the blessed mother of God,
You condemned all your past sins, mother Mary,
And went to bow before the precious cross. (twice )

Having worshipped with great joy at the holy places,
You received saving grace for your journey of virtue,
And set out in haste to follow the narrow path.
You crossed the river Jordan,
And went to live where the Baptist had dwelt.
Through self-denial you tamed the savagery of the passions;
Through violence you broke the rebellion of your flesh,
Taking the kingdom of God by force!
You lived alone in the wilderness;
As you erased the images of sin from your soul,
God marked it with the imprint of holiness.
Filled with the spirit, blessed mother,
You walked on the surface of the waters;
By your prayers you ascended from earth to heaven.
Since you stand before Christ, O glorious Mary,
Entreat him with boldness to save our souls!


Tone 4

The power of your cross has worked a wonder, O Christ!
Through it a harlot became a champion of the ascetic life!
She cast aside her weakness, and bravely fought the devil,
And having won the prize of victory,
She ceaselessly prays for our souls!

Now and ever...

(of the resurrection)

Tone 2
You cut down with the sword of abstinence
The corrupt desires of your soul and the passions of your flesh!
With the silence of the wilderness,
You strangled your sinful words and thoughts;
You watered the desert with the streams of your tears!
You made the fruits of repentance to grow for us!
We celebrate your memory, holy one!

Now and ever...

A new miracle surpasses all ancient miracles!
Who knows of a mother who gave birth without a man,
Who carried in her arms her creator?
This birth is the will of God!
Since you carried him as an infant in your arms, most pure one,
And since you possess motherly boldness before him:
Do not cease praying for us who honor you,
That he may be bountiful and save our souls!


Fifth week of Lent
St. Mary of Egypt

(Troparion of the resurrection)

Tone 8

The image of God was truly preserved in you, mother,
For you took up the cross and followed Christ.
By so doing, you taught us to disregard the flesh, for it passes away,
But to care instead for the soul, since it is immortal.
Therefore your spirit, holy mother Mary, rejoices with the angels!

Tone 3
Having been a sinful woman,
You became through repentance a bride of Christ.
Having attained angelic life,
You defeated demons with the weapon of the cross.
Therefore, most glorious Mary, you are a bride of the kingdom!
Tone 8
Good one, for our sake you were born of a Virgin.
You suffered crucifixion, and despoiled death through death
And as God you revealed the resurrection:
Do not despise those whom you have created with your own hand!
Show forth your love for mankind, merciful one!
Accept the prayers of the Theotokos, and save your despairing people!


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