Fifth Week Of Lent
Sunday Matins

The Canon

Canticle one:

First Canon
Tone 8

Irmos: Crossing the sea as if it were dry land...

Glory to you, our God, Glory to you!

The excess of my lusts has made me like the rich man
who lived each day in luxury.
Therefore I pray to You, Savior:
Deliver me from the fire as You delivered Lazarus.

I am clothed in sensual pleasures, Savior,
Like the rich man who was clothed in fine linen, gold and purple.
But do not send me, like him, into the fire!

The rich man once rejoiced in the wealth and luxury of this corruptible life,
And so he was condemned to torment;
But Lazarus the poor man gained rest and refreshment!

The hosts of angels and mortal men praise you, Virgin Mother,
For you carried their Creator as a child in your arms!

Second Canon
Tone 6

Irmos: He who in ancient times...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

Saint, as you stand before Christ, the unapproachable Light, send light down on me,
for I celebrate your light-giving and holy memory with love!
Keep me safe from the many temptations of life.

The uncircumscribed and pre-eternal Lord
Who after His incarnation dwelt among the people of Egypt,
Who knows all things before they come to be,
brought you as a shining star from Egypt.

Not knowing the divine commandments,
you defiled the image of God within yourself,
but through His providence you cleansed it again, all-praised saint,
becoming divine through your holy deeds!

How great is Your tender mercy, O my God,
and Your ineffable condescension!
For at the intercessions of Your Mother,
You made the former harlot pure and spotless as the angels.

Katavasia:I will open my mouth filled with the spirit;
I will sing a song to the queen and Mother!
I will come rejoicing in the feast,
And I will extol all her glory!

Canticle three:

First Canon

Irmos: You are the strong support of those who run to you... .

Glory to you, our God, glory to you!

Christ, as You saved Lazarus from the flame,
deliver me, Your unworthy servant, from the fire of hell.

Lord, I am as wealthy as the rich man in passions and lusts,
yet in my lack of virtues I am as poor as Lazarus! But save me!

Through his sins the rich man was clothed in scarlet and fine linen,
and so he burns in the flames.

All-pure Lady, you drive off the assaults of harsh calamity.
Give us help through your intercessions!

Second Canon

Irmos: When the creation beheld you hanging...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

Through your sinful deeds,
you drew near to the gates of destruction,
but He who of old broke in pieces the gates of hell
by the power of His divinity,
opened to you the gates of repentance, all-honored saint,
for He Himself is the Gate of life.

You converted the woman who had become the weapon of sin
by the weapon of Your Holy Cross, forbearing and compassionate Lord;
for by venerating the Cross,
she overthrew all the weapons and cunning of the demons.

He who causes all things to be,
and who shed His own blood as a ransom for all,
cleansed you through the water of your tears,
when you were sick with the dread leprosy of sin.

Virgin, that which has come to pass in you is ineffable,
for in a divine manner, the Word of the Father came to dwell in you,
granting by His Word alone
remission of transgressions to all who sin.

Katavasia: In you divine glory, Theotokos,
Living and inexhaustible fountain,
Spiritually establish your choir, assembled in chorus.
In your mercy make them worthy of the crowns of glory!

Sessional hymn
Tone 8

You subdued all the rebellious impulses of the flesh through ascetic labor,
Showing the courage of a man in your soul.
As you desired to behold the cross of the Lord, honored Mother,
You crucified yourself to the world in holiness,
And with eagerness sought to follow the angelic way of life.
Therefore we honor your memory with faith, blessed Mary,
Praying that we may be given complete remission of our sins at your intercessions.

Glory... Now and ever...

Let us sing the praises of the ark and the gate of heaven,
The holy mountain and the cloud of light,
The heavenly ladder and the spiritual paradise,
The deliverance of Eve and great treasure of the universe!
For the remission of man's ancient sin and the salvation of the world
Have come to pass through her, and so we cry aloud:
Pray to your son and God that those who worship him in an orthodox manner,
May be given absolution for their sins.

Canticle four:

First Canon

Irmos:Lord, I have heard the mystery of your dispensation...

Glory to you, our God, glory to you!

The rich man delighted in sumptuous food and clothing,
while Lazarus longed to be fed with the crumbs from his table.

With their tongues the dogs licked the sores of the beggar Lazarus
showing a compassion to him in his need that the rich man never felt.

Lazarus once lay an outcast in poverty and distress
outside the gate of the rich man; but now he is glorified.

Undefiled one, pray to Him whom you bore,
that we who sing your praises
may be saved from the bondage of the avenger,
For you alone are our protection.

Second Canon

Irmos: Foreseeing your divine self-emptying upon the cross...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

Creator of our mortal nature,
the Fount of mercy and Wealth of compassion,
You took pity on her who fled to you for refuge,
snatching her from the destroying beast as the Lover of mankind.

Mary, as you hastened to see the Cross,
through the divine providence of the Crucified Lord
you were illumined by its light.
You were yourself crucified to the world,
saint most worthy of our wonder.

She who once through evil lust led many into wickedness,
shines now in her sanctity as the sun,
and has become a heavenly guide for all who sin.

Spiritual heaven of the King of all,
you surpassed even the heavenly powers in understanding,
for beyond the laws of nature, pure Virgin,
you conceived the Lawgiver and Maker of all things!

Katavasia: The counsel of God cannot be examined:
The most high was incarnate from a virgin!
The prophet Habakkuk foresaw this and cried:
Glory to your power, O God!

Canticle five:

First Canon

Irmos: Never-setting light...

Glory to you, our God, glory to you!

When the rich man saw Lazarus resting in Abraham's bosom,
rejoicing in light and glory, he cried out:
Father Abraham, take pity on me, for I am condemned to the fire,
and my tongue burns in bitter torment.

During your life, said Abraham to the rich man:
you lived in wealth and luxury.
So now you are tormented in the fire eternally,
while Lazarus the poor man rejoices in unending gladness!

Like the rich man who spent all his days in pleasure,
I am rich in the deceptive joys of this life,
but I pray You, Loving Lord, in Your compassion
deliver me from the fire as You saved Lazarus.

Since you have Motherly boldness before your Son, all-pure Virgin,
do not forget us and our needs, we pray, for we are your people.
We Christians bring you alone as intercessor
to win the gracious mercy of the Master.

Second Canon

Irmos: Isaiah, as he watched by night...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

When in a mystical vision on Sinai
Moses beheld the back of God,
he shone with glory, manifesting dimly the strange mystery he had
as Mary fell before the most pure icon of the Mother of God:
that golden vessel which received the divine Manna,
and she chose the angelic life.

Longing, like the Psalmist, to behold the majesty of Your temple,
and the spiritual tabernacle of Your glory,
she who had profaned Your temple cried:
O Christ, through the spiritual prayers of the Virgin,
she who became Your temple,
make me a temple of the all-creating Spirit.

She took many men prisoner
through the baited hook of the flesh and the lust of the eyes,
making them food for the devil by short-lived sensual pleasure,
but now she herself is taken prisoner indeed,
and by the divine grace of the Holy Cross,
she has been brought as a sweet spiritual offering to Christ.

The company of the prophets,
in hidden words inspired by God,
were initiates in the mystery concerning you,
undefiled Mother of God,
foretelling you in many ways!
And now Mary of Egypt falls down before the most pure icon
of the vessel that received the divine Manna,
and she becomes a pledge before God for sinners.

Katavasia: All creation was awed by your divine glory,
For you, virgin, knew no man, yet bore the God of all.
You held in your womb the eternal son
Who grants peace to those who extol you in song.

Canticle six:

First Canon

Irmos: Savior, be merciful to me...

Glory to you, our God, glory to you!

The rich man condemned himself to the flames of fire
by his life of pleasure,
but Lazarus the poor man chose for this present life, poverty,
and so he was counted worthy of unending joy.

Lazarus was counted worthy to dwell with Abraham,
and he received eternal life, O Christ,
but the rich man was condemned to the fire,
there to be tormented in both soul and body.

The rich man was condemned to the fire because of Lazarus.
Do not condemn me in my wretchedness, I pray,
Lord and Lover of mankind,
but count me, like Lazarus, worthy of Your light.

May we be delivered from our great transgressions
by your prayers, pure Mother of God,
and may we dwell in the divine glory of the Son of God
Who took flesh ineffably from you.

Second Canon

Irmos: The uttermost depths of sin...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

The armies of the angels rejoice,
seeing a life equal to theirs in you,
and they cry out, holy Mary,
giving Glory to the Lord.

The hosts of demons tremble
at the strength of your endurance!
How you, a naked and solitary woman,
in a wonderful way, put them to shame.

Mary worthy of all praise,
you shone like the sun and illumined the desert with your brightness
Shine on me also,
that I may be glorious with your light.

Virgin, illumined by the glory of your Child,
the angels proclaim to us all peace on earth
and good will towards the human race.

Katavasia:Let us, believers, clap our hands in gladness,
Fulfilling the most precious feast.
By knowing God through the theotokos,
Let us glorify him who was born of her!

Kontakion Tone 3

Having been a sinful woman,
You became through repentance a bride of christ.
Having attained angelic life,
You defeated demons with the weapon of the cross.
Therefore, most glorious Mary, you are a bride of the kingdom!


We praise you now in our hymns, all-honored Mary, as the lamb and
daughter of Christ. Sprung from Egyptian stock, you fled from all
their errors and were offered as a precious flower to the Church. You
struggled in abstinence and prayer above the measure of human nature,
and so you were exalted by Christ, for through your life and actions//

Most glorious Mary, you are a bride of the kingdom!

Canticle seven:

First Canon

Irmos: The children of Judah who lived in Babylon...

Glory to you, our God, glory to you!

Lazarus lay before the gates of the rich man
like Job of old, who sat on a dung heap of rottenness and worries,
and he cried out: Blessed are You, O God of our Fathers!

An outcast at the gate of the rich man who lacked all compassion,
Lazarus longed for the crumbs that fell from his table,
yet no man gave them to him!
But in return he received a dwelling place with Abraham.

Deliver me, I pray You, O my Christ
from the punishment of the rich man who showed no compassion;
but place me with Lazarus the poor man
and count me worthy to cry to You in thanksgiving:
Blessed are You, O God of our Fathers!

You manifested Yourself incarnate from a Virgin's womb for our sake;
therefore we confess Your Mother as the Theotokos
and we cry in thanksgiving: Blessed are You, O God of our Fathers!

Second Canon

Irmos: In Babylon the children did not fear...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

Wise Zosimas, greatest of the Fathers,
as he wandered in the wilderness,
was counted worthy to see the saint,
and he cried: Blessed are You, O God of our Fathers!

Father, said the saint to the elder,
why did you come to see a poor woman?
A stranger to every virtuous action?
And she cried: Blessed are You, O God of our Fathers!

All-blessed Mary, you put to death your rebellious passions,
and now you have found anchorage in the harbor of passionlessness,
crying: Blessed are You, Lord God of our Fathers!

You conceived ineffably, undefiled one, and yet remained a Virgin,
and brought forth to the world its salvation, Christ our God;
therefore we, and all the faithful magnify you in our songs.

Katavasia: The Godly youths worshipped the creator, not the creature;
Manfully they trampled on the flames, singing in joy:
Blessed are you, most praised Lord God of our fathers!

Canticle eight:

First Canon

Irmos: In his madness, the Chaldean tyrant...

Glory to you, our God, glory to you!

Once the contemptible rich man was splendidly clothed
in garments of scarlet, fine linen and purple,
while the poor man Lazarus lay a pitiable outcast at his gate,
longing to eat the crumbs that fell from his table,
but no one gave to him.
Now he reigns with Christ in glory!

Lazarus lay at the gates of the rich man,
his body rotting with sores.
He longed to eat and no one gave him food,
but the dogs, moved with compassion,
licked his wounds with their tongues.
Now he has been counted worthy of joy in paradise!

I have grown rich in sensual pleasures,
like the rich man of old who clothed himself daily in scarlet.
Delighting in the good things of this 11fe,
I have condemned myself to luxury and deception.
And so I pray to You, greatly-merciful Christ:
deliver me forever from the eternal fire.

(To the Holy Trinity)

The three-fold Light of the Godhead shines with a single radiance
from the one Nature in three Persons:
Father without beginning; Word of the Father sharing the same nature;
and the consubstantial Spirit, reigning with the Father and the Son.
Children, bless this triune God!
Priests praise Him; people, exalt Him above all forever!

Second Canon

Irmos: Be astonished, O heavens...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

You search the depths of our hearts,
foreseeing all that concerns us before it has come to be.
You delivered from a life of bondage
the woman who fled to You, Savior.
With a never-silent voice she cries out to Your tender love:
Priests bless Him; people, exalt Him above all forever!

Holy transformation,
that brought you to a better way of life!
Godlike love that hated carnal pleasures!
Burning faith in God!
We bless you, Mary, worthy of all praise,
and we exalt you above all forever!

Holy Mary, you have received payment for your toil,
and the due reward for all the labors
by which you cast down the vengeful enemy.
Now you sing with the angels,
crying out with never-silent voice
and exalting Christ above all forever!

In His love the Lord of all the ages
wholly recreated me within your womb, pure Virgin,
without confusing the marks of either human or divine nature!
Therefore as you are the cause of our salvation
we praise you in hymns forever!

Katavasia: He who was born of the theotokos
Saved the holy children in the furnace.
He who was then prefigured has now been born on earth,
And he gathers all of creation to sing:
All works of the Lord, bless the Lord,
And exalt him above all forever!

- The Magnificat is sung -

Canticle nine:

First Canon

Irmos: Mother of God and virgin...

Glory to you, our God, glory to you!

Since You are God by nature, I pray to You, O Christ:
make me poor like Lazarus and banish my sensual desires,
but make me as wealthy as the rich man in virtues,
that with faith I may magnify You in hymns.

Rich and unmerciful, I have despised my mind;
cast out in wretchedness it lies with faith
before the gates of Your commandments, O Lord and Lover of man.
But in Your tender mercy and compassion, raise it up
as once in tender love You raised up Your friend Lazarus
who was already four days dead.

We have all learned the meaning of this parable from the Lord.
Let us all, then, hate the rich man's lack of compassion,
that we may escape punishment and rejoice forever with Abraham.

You carried in your arms the invisible God,
Who is praised in the heavens by all creation.
At all times He grants us salvation through you
and we magnify you in faith!

Second Canon

Irmos: Mother, do not weep for me...

Holy Mother Mary, pray to God for us!

Mother, strengthened by the might of Christ,
you more easily endured your sufferings in the wilderness.
With streams of God-given tears
you quenched the impure thoughts that came to you,
greatest of ascetics and glory of the saints!

The pure Virgin, the only Mother of Christ the Light,
shone upon you with rays of surpassing brightness,
making you terrible to the enemy,
and revealing you to us, honored Mary,
as the beauty of ascetics and pillar of the saints.

You wisely forsook all the things of this earth,
and became a hallowed dwelling-place of the Spirit.
Pray to Christ, our only Deliverer,
that we who celebrate your holy memory with faith
may be set free from the perils of this world!

In a manner surpassing nature, pure Maiden,
you escaped the laws of nature,
bringing forth on earth a newborn Child,
Who is the Giver of the Law and the Ancient of Days.
Therefore, spiritual heaven of the Creator of all,
with faith and love we call you blessed.

Katavasia: let every earthborn mortal be radiant
And spiritually leap for joy;
Let the ranks of angelic powers celebrate
Honoring the holy feast of the Mother of God and crying:
Rejoice, pure and blessed ever-Virgin, who gave birth to God!


Fifth week of Lent
Sunday Matins

Hymn of Light

(of the resurrection)

(of the venerable Mary)

We have taken you, righteous Mary, as an image of repentance:
Entreat Christ to grant us this repentance in this time of the fast,
That with faith and desire we may praise you in songs!

Virgin Mother of the Lord,
The sweetness of angels; the consolation of those who mourn;
The intercessor for Christians:
Help me and save me from eternal punishment.

The Praises

(8 Stikhera of the resurrection)

Verse:arise, O Lord my God, lift up your hand; do
not forget your poor forever!

Tone 1

The kingdom of God is not food and drink,
But truth and abstinence in holiness.
So the rich shall not enter it,
But only those who place gifts in the hands of the poor.
This also is the teaching of David the prophet:
The righteous man is merciful all the day:
He delights in the Lord, walking in the light.
He shall not stumble.
This is recorded for our instruction
That we might fulfill the fast with good works,
And the Lord shall reward us.


The kingdom of God is not food and drink...

Now and ever...
Tone 2

You are most blessed...


Fifth week of Lent
Sunday Vespers

"Lord I call..."

Tone 1 (by Joseph)

Christ the rich, you have assumed poverty,
And enriched the human race with illumination and immortality:
Enrich me with virtues,
For I am impoverished by the pleasures of life.
Establish me with Lazarus the poor;
Deliver me from the punishments of the rich
And from the Hades that is prepared for me.

I have become rich with evil in a wretched way.
I have loved luxury; exploited the pleasures of life,
And have come under the condemnation of the fire of Gehenna,
I have slighted my mind, and am famished and cast down like Lazarus
Before the gates of divine deeds.
Therefore have compassion on me, Lord and Master!

(by Theodore)

Believers, let us diligently begin the sixth week of the solemn fast.
Let us sing songs to the Lord coming in glory to Jerusalem
To cause death to die by his divine power:
The offering of the Sunday of palms.
Therefore, let us prepare the banners of victory, in true worship,
And with branches of virtue cry out
Hosanna to the creator of all.

The great Prokeimenon
Tone 8

You have given an inheritance * to those who fear your name, O Lord!

Verse: From the end of the earth I call to you!

Verse: O to be safe under the shelter of your wings!

Verse: So will I ever sing praises to your name!

Tone 1

Wonderful is the purpose of the compassionate Savior towards us:
For having knowledge of future things as present,
He made known the story of the rich man and Lazarus.
Let us contemplate the end of both.
Let us run from the cruelty and hatred of one of them;
Let us emulate the endurance and long-suffering of the other,
That delighting with him in the bosom of Abraham,
We may cry out: Lord, righteous judge, Glory to you!

Wonderful is the purpose...

Lord, by the intercessions of all the saints,
And of the Theotokos,
Grant us your peace and have mercy on us
Only compassionate one!

Glory... Now and ever...

Pure Virgin Theotokos, delight of the heavenly hosts
And precious champion of those on earth,
Save us who take refuge in you,
For after God, we have placed our hope in you.


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