"Cheesefare Week" Thursday Matins

(after the 2nd reading of the Psalter):

Sessional hymn Tone 5

Today all the apostles bless the forty days
And the week of cleansing that precedes them.
They sanctify this season of fasting
Which they received from Christ the redeemer.
They proclaim his resurrection to all,
And intercede with the Lord for mercy on our souls!


Today all the apostles...

Now and ever...


You are the protection, pure Virgin,
Of those who steadfastly set their hope in you!
Deliver them from all temptations,
From harsh danger and distress!
Together with the apostles,
Intercede on their behalf before your son,
And save all those who sing your praises!

(we sing the three-canticle Canon: odes 4, 8, and 9.)

Tone 3

The grace of self-control has shone,
Banishing the darkness of demons.
The power of the fast will constrain our minds;
Lent will bring the cure for our crippling worldliness!
Daniel and the children in babylon were strengthened by fasting:
One stopped the mouths of lions,
While the others extinguished the flames of the furnace!
As you saved them, save us also, O Christ our God,
For you are the lover of mankind!

The grace of self-control has shone...

Even after death you shine as lights for the world, holy martyrs!
Having fought the good fight,
You now have boldness before the Savior.
Entreat him to save our souls!

Glory to the Father... Now and ever...


Blessed are you among women, unwedded mother!
You gave birth to him who is both king and God, Theotokos!
Beseech him to save us, for he is the lover of mankind!


"Cheesefare Week" Thursday Vespers

(on "Lord I call...": the prescribed Stikhera from the octoechos and Menaion)

Tone 2

The cross of the Lord is ever adored
As the binding of pleasures, the law of Lent!
Those who ceaselessly contemplate the crucified one
Crucify the flesh with its passions and lusts!
Let us also flee from these through a pure fast!
Let us join him who joined in the passion, out of love for man,
Who granted us a passionless nature,
And who possesses great mercy!

The cross of the Lord is ever adored...

Martyrs, you did not seek for the things of the earth,
And so were made worthy of heavenly joy.
You became fellow-citizens with the angels.
Lord, through their prayers, have mercy on us and save us!

Glory to the Father... Now and ever...


Pure one, when you beheld suspended on the cross
The vine which blossomed unplanted in your womb,
You wept and cried in lamentation:
My child, release the sweetness
Which will drive away the drunkenness of passions,
For the sake of your mother's entreaties, compassionate one!


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