Ordinary Time


Daytime Prayer
Psalter, Friday Week IV

God, come to my assistance.
- Lord, make haste to help me.

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. (Alleluia.)


Help us, O Lord, to learn
the truths thy Word imparts:
to study that thy laws may be
inscribed upon our hearts.

Help us, O Lord, to live
the faith which we proclaim,
that all our thoughts and words and deeds
may glorify thy name.

Help us, O Lord, to teach
the beauty of thy ways,
that yearning souls may find the Christ,
and sing aloud his praise.
Text: W.W. Reid; Melody: Franconia S.M, J.B. Konig, 1758, Midi: Cyberhymnal

At one of the hours, the psalms are said as below. At the other hours, the complementary psalms are used.


Antiphon 1: Lord, great is the peace of those who love your law.

Psalm 119:161-168
XXI (Shin)

Though princes oppress me without cause
I stand in awe of your word.
I take delight in your promise
like one who finds a treasure.

Lies I hate and detest
but your law is my love.
Seven times a day I praise you
for your just decrees.

The lovers of your law have great peace;
they never stumble.
I await your saving help,
O Lord, I fulfill your commands.

My soul obeys your will
and loves it dearly.
I obey your precepts and your will;
all that I do is before you.  Glory...

Psalm Prayer: There is great peace, Lord, for those who love your law; they never stumble. Grant that those who love you above all else may be undisturbed by thoughts of evil.

Antiphon: Lord, great is the peace of those who love your law.

Antiphon 2: The assembly of believers had but one mind and heart.

Psalm 133
Joy when hearts are united in love
Let us love one another, for love is of God. (1 John 4:7)

How good and how pleasant it is,
when brothers live in unity!

It is like precious oil upon the head
running down upon the beard,
running down upon Aaron's beard,
upon the collar of his robes.

It is like the dew of Hermon which falls
on the heights of Zion.
For there the Lord gives his blessing,
life for ever.

Psalm Prayer: Pour out over your Church, Lord, the spirit of brotherly love and a longing for your peace. May this precious oil of the Holy Spirit flow over us to fill us with your gracious benediction.

Antiphon:   The assembly of believers had but one mind and heart.

Antiphon 3: Save me from the grasp of the sinner, O Lord, my saving power.

Psalm 140
Lord, you are my refuge
The Son of Man will be handed over to the wicked. (Matthew 26:45)

Rescue me, Lord, from evil men;
from the violent keep me safe,
from those who plan evil in their hearts
and stir up strife every day;
who sharpen their tongue like an adder's,
with the poison of viper on their lips.

Lord, guard me from the hands of the wicked;
from the violent keep me safe;
they plan to make me stumble.
The proud have hidden a trap,
have spread out lines in a net,
set snares across my path.

I have said to the Lord: You are my God.
Lord, hear the cry of my appeal!
Lord my God, my mighty help,
you shield my head in the battle.
Do not grant the wicked their desire
nor let their plots succeed.

I know that the Lord will avenge the poor,
That he will do justice for the needy.
Truly the just will praise your name
the upright shall live in your presence.  Glory...

Psalm Prayer: Lord, you keep constant guard over your faithful people Protect us from hidden snares and makes us holy, that we may praise and bless your name and live in righteousness before you.

Antiphon: Save me from the grasp of the sinner, O Lord, my saving power.

Terce (Midmorning)
Sext (Midday)
None (Midafternoon)


Romans 12:17a,19b,20a,21

Do not repay anyone evil for evil; for it is written, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord." Rather, "if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good.

The Lord's mercy has never failed; it will endure for ever.
 - Unswerving his fidelity to those who obey him.

Lord Jesus Christ,
at this hour you were led out
to die on the cross
for the salvation of the world.
We ask your forgiveness for the sins of our past
and your protection from all future evil.
Bring us to the peace and joy of that kingdom
where you live and reign for ever and ever.


1 John 3:16

The way we came to know love
was that he laid down his life for us;
so we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.

Give thanks to the Lord
- for his great love is without end.

Lord Jesus Christ,
at noon, when darkness covered all the earth
you mounted the wood of the cross
as the innocent victim for our redemption.
May your light be always with us
to guide us to eternal life in that kingdom
where you live and reign for ever and ever.


1 John 4:9-11

In this way the love of God was revealed to us:
God sent his only Son into the world
so that we might have life through him.
In this is love:
not that we have loved God,
but that he loved us and sent his Son as expiation for our sins.
if God so loved us,
we also must love one another.

Look on us, O strong protector
- and see the face of your Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ,
you brought the repentant thief
from the suffering of the cross
to the joy of your kingdom.
Lord, when we die,
may we who confess our sins
be brought to you through the gates of heaven,
that we may have eternal joy in that kingdom
where you live and reign for ever and ever.

Let us praise the Lord.
- And give him thanks.

The English translation of Psalm Responses, Alleluia Verses, Gospel Verses from Lectionary for Mass 1969, 1981, 1997, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation (ICEL); the English translation of Antiphons, Invitatories, Responsories, Intercessions, Psalm 95, the Canticle of the Lamb, Psalm Prayers, Non-Biblical Readings from The Liturgy of the Hours 1973, 1974, 1975, ICEL; excerpts from the English translation of The Roman Missal 2010, ICEL. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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