The Agpeya

The Coptic Orthodox Book Of Hours

The Word "AGPEYA"

The word AGPEYA takes origin from the Coptic word TI-AGP, which literally means the hour.

The Book of "AGPEYA":

The book of AGPEYA contains the seven canonical prayers which have been cherished and practiced by the faithful Copts of the Orthodox Church of Alexandria, Egypt.

The Psalms as the core of the Seven Prayers:

The seven canonical prayers have their root in the Psalms. David said; "Seven times a day, do I praise you of your righteous Judgement" (Psalm 118:164). The numerical order of Psalms in this book of prayer conforms to the Coptic Translation.

PRIME(First Hour)

This hour is prayed early in the morning, and commemorates the Resurrection of the Lord (Psalm 62:1).

TERCE(Third Hour)

In this hour of the day, the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles as tongues of fire(Acts 2:15). At this hour also, Our Lord Jesus Christ was condemned.

SEXT(Sixth Hour)

In this hour, Our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified (John 19:14)

NONE(Ninth Hour)

This hour commemorates the death of our Lord in the flesh upon the tree and the testimony of the thief at his right hand (Matthew 21:46)

VESPERS(Eleventh Hour)

Instituted to commemorate the removing of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ from the Cross. The wrapping of it in linen, and the anointing of it with sweet spices.

COMPLINE (Twelfth Hour)

This hour commemorates the laying down of the body of Christ in the grave. It corresponds to the last hour of the day before retiring, since sleep is but a temporary death (Psalm 62:6)


This hour includes three services corresponding to the three times our Lord prayed in Gethsemane (Psalm 118:62)

The Prayer of the Veil

The prayer of Veil is said daily in the monasteries, after the prayer of the Twelfth Hour and before the Prayer of Midnight. The present position of this Prayer after the Prayer of Midnight aims to facilitate the daily usage by laymen.

Various Prayers

The above document mirrors that produced by Saint Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church, Seattle, Washington, USA.


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