Prayers of St. Bonaventure

Pierce, O most sweet Lord Jesus, my inmost soul with the most joyous and healthful wound of Thy love, and with true, calm and most holy apostolic charity, that my soul may ever languish and melt with entire love and longing for Thee, may yearn for Thee and for thy courts, may long to be dissolved and to be with Thee.

Grant that my soul may hunger after Thee, the Bread of Angels, the refreshment of holy souls, our daily and super substantial bread, having all sweetness and savor and every delightful taste.

May my heart ever hunger after and feed upon Thee, Whom the angels desire to look upon, and may my inmost soul be filled with the sweetness of Thy savor; may it ever thirst for Thee, the fountain of life, the fountain of wisdom and knowledge, the fountain of eternal light, the torrent of pleasure, the fullness of the house of God; may it ever compass Thee, seek Thee, find Thee, run to Thee, come up to Thee, meditate on Thee, speak of Thee, and do all for the praise and glory of Thy name, with humility and discretion, with love and delight, with ease and affection, with perseverance to the end; and be Thou alone ever my hope, my entire confidence, my riches, my delight, my pleasure, my joy, my rest and tranquility, my peace, my sweetness, my food, my refreshment, my refuge, my help, my wisdom, my portion, my possession, my treasure; in Whom may my mind and my heart be ever fixed and firm and rooted immovably. Amen.


O Mary, may my heart never cease to love you,
and my tongue never cease to praise you.

Have mercy on me, O Lady,
for my enemies have trodden upon me every day:
all their thoughts are turned to evil against me.
Stir up fury, and be mindful of war:
and pour out your anger upon them.
Renew wonders and change marvelous things:
let us feel the help of your arm.
Distill upon us the drops of your sweetness:
For you are the cupbearer of the sweetness of grace.

Blessed is the man who loves thy name, O Mary.
Yes, truly blessed is he who loves thy sweet name,
O Mother of God!
Thy name is so glorious and admirable,
that no one who remembers it
has any fears at the hour of death.
I ask thee, O Mary,
for the glory of thy name,
to come and meet my soul
when it is departing from this world,
and to take it in thine arms.

Virgin full of goodness,
Mother of Mercy,
I entrust to you my body and soul,
my thoughts, my actions,
my life and my death.

O my Queen, help me,
and deliver me from all the snares of the devil.
Obtain for me the grace
of loving my Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
with a true and perfect love,
and after him, O Mary,
to love you with all my heart
and above all things.

O sweetest Lord Jesus Christ, I implore Thee,
pierce the very marrow of my soul with the delightful,
health-giving dart of Thy love,
with true, tranquil, holy, apostolic charity,
so that my whole soul may ever languish and faint for love of Thee
and for desire of Thee alone.
May it long and pine for Thy courts;
may it ever desire to be dissolved and to be with Thee.
Grant that my soul may hunger for Thee,
Who art the bread of angels,
the comforting nourishment of all holy souls,
our daily and most delectable bread,
our supersubstantial bread,
in which is found every sweet delight.
May my heart ever hunger for Thee,
on whom the angels lovingly gaze;
may it feed on Thee;
and may the innermost depths of my being
be filled with the sweetness which comes from having tasted Thee.
May my soul ever thirst for Thee,
Who art the source of life,
the fount of wisdom and knowledge,
the brightness of everlasting light,
the flood of all true happiness,
the riches of the house of God.
May I at all times think of Thee;
may I ever seek Thee and ever find Thee;
may I always follow thee and reach Thee;
may Thy holy name be in my heart and on my lips;
and to Thy praise and glory may every work of mine be done.
Humble and discreet, loving and happy,
ever ready and cheerful in Thy service,
may I persevere, by Thy grace, even unto the end.
Be Thou alone and evermore my hope;
be Thou all my trust;
be Thou my wealth,
my delight, my joy, my consolation,
my rest, my endless peace.
Be Thou to me as a goodly taste,
as a pleasant perfume,
as a soothing sweetness.
Be Thou my food and my refreshment;
my refuge and my help;
my wisdom; my portion,
mine own possession and my treasure.
In Thee, O Lord, may my mind and my heart
remain fixed and firm,
and rooted immovably for evermore.

We beg the all-merciful Father through Thee,
his only-begotten Son made man for our sake,
crucified and glorified for us,
to send upon us from His treasure-house the Spirit of sevenfold grace,
Who rested upon Thee in all His fullness:

        the spirit of wisdom,
        enabling us to relish the fruit of the tree of life, which is indeed thyself;

        the gift of understanding:
        to enlighten our perceptions;

        the gift of prudence,
        enabling us to follow in Thy footsteps;

        the gift of strength:
        to withstand our adversary’s onslaught;

        the gift of knowledge:
        to distinguish good from evil by the light of Thy holy teaching;

        the gift of piety:
        to clothe ourselves with charity and mercy;

        the gift of fear:
        to withdraw from all ill-doing and live quietly in awe of Thy eternal majesty.

These are the things for which we petition.
Grant them for the honor of Thy Holy Name,
to which, with the Father and the Holy Ghost,
be all honor and glory, thanksgiving, renown,
and Lordship for ever and ever.


Let those who seek for miracles invoke the glorious St. Anthony.
At his word all evils disappear:
death and error, demons and leprosy;
the sick rise up restored to perfect health.

His word and presence calm the troubled seas
and break the captive's chain,
lost things are found,
and old and young never appeal to him in vain.
Perils are averted, hostilities cease.

If proof be needed of the truth of this,
listen to the testimony of the people of Padua,
eyewitnesses to these wondrous deeds.

St Anthony of Padua,
pray for us.


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