Litany of St. Cajetan

At each invocation we respond:

"Pray for us!"

Holy & Glorious St Cajetan,
Father of Providence,
Restorer of holiness in the priesthood,
Apostle burning with Divine Love,
Champion of Christian mercy,
Winner of souls for God,
Lily of Purity,
Angel of Peace,
Column of the Church,
Burning flame of charity,
Faithful & prudent servant,
Protector of the humble,
Guardian of the divine sacraments,
Monstrance of the Holy Child,
Favoured son of The Blessed Virgin,
Heir of God's Kingdom,
Most devoted and spiritual priest,
Intercessor for the poor,
Protector of the poor,
Help of the needy,
Hope of the abandoned,
Patron of the afflicted,
Intercessor for those who invoke you,
Example of Christian Virtue,
Priest of the Heart of God,
Our protector and intercessor.


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