Hymns for St. Joseph
Guardian of the Lord

Saint Joseph was a just man,
A man of upright life;
Our Lord’s kind foster father
Took Mary as his wife.
He knew the pain of exile
In far Egyptian land.
Obedient, kind and faithful
He followed God’s command.

As head of God’s own family,
Saint Joseph is renowned;
He searched the ancient city,
Until his child was found.
All honor to Saint Joseph,
Whose merits we acclaim!
God bless each home and family
In good Saint Joseph’s name.

Text: Owen Westendorf

St. Joseph, great protector
of Jesus Christ our Lord,
O holy man of justice,
We sing with one accord,
Extolling you with praises
for virtue strong and bold,
For faith which still amazes
Each time the story’s told.

St. Joseph, you were gifted
To be Our Lady’s spouse;
In manly joy you lifted
The Christ-child in your house!
When you were given warning
of troubled days ahead,
You yielded not to mourning,
But trusted God instead.

St. Joseph through your labor
In simple, honest care,
Your love for God and neighbor
Is great beyond compare!
O holy Spouse of Mary,
Protector of our Lord,
Help us our cross to carry,
And share your great reward!

Text: Owen Alstott

O Joseph, mighty patron,
Your love and strength bestow
Upon a pilgrim people
Who are the Church below.
You were the Father’s image,
Great prince of David’s line;
Obtain for us God’s blessing
That we may be his sign.

Great Saint, you cherished Mary,
Who loved and cared for you;
You taught and nurtured Jesus,
Oh teach us to be true,
True to the Church he founded,
Until we form above
A family united
In bonds of lasting love.

Text: Sr. Marie Michael

Hail, holy Joseph, Hail,
Chaste Spouse of Mary, Hail!
Pure as the lily flower
In Eden’s peaceful vale.
Hail, holy Joseph, hail,
Prince of the house of God.
May His best graces be
By thy sweet hands bestowed.

Hail, holy Joseph, hail,
Comrade of angels, hail!
Cheer thou the hearts that faint,
And guide the steps that fail.
Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
God’s choice were thou alone.
To thee the Word made flesh
Was subject as a son.

Text: Frederick W. Faber

Great St. Joseph, son of David,
Spouse of Mary undefiled;
Guardian of the Holy Family,
Father of the Holy Child.
God presented thee with blessings,
Glorified thy life obscure;
Made thee guardian of all virgins,
Consolation of the poor.

Ornament of life domestic,
Model for the toiler’s day;
Hope of all the sick and weary,
In the hour of death our stay.
Great protector universal
Of the Church, we thee acclaim.
Hear our prayers, O great St. Joseph,
When we call upon thy name.

Clasped in Jesus’ arms and Mary’s,
When death gently came at last,
Thy pure spirit sweetly sighing,
From its earthly dwelling passed.
Great St. Joseph, by thy passing,
May our death be like to thine.
And with Jesus, Mary, Joseph,
May our souls forever shine.

Look Down To Us St. Joseph

Look down to us, Saint Joseph,
Protector of Our Lord,
Who followed you through deserts,
And gave you blessed reward;
Our foes are yet about us,
Be strength now at our side,
Be light against the darkness.
Saint Joseph, be our guide!

We venerate your justice,
The gospels praise your name,
You are the saint all humble,
Who gained eternal fame;
In your devoted family
Our souls in trust confide,
Direct our way to heaven.
Saint Joseph, be our guide.

Text: Michael Gannon

Joseph of Nazareth, you are the man
Last in the line that rose from David, King,
Down through the royal generations ran,
And ends with Jesus Christ.

Gabriel from heaven came to Mary's side,
Came with the joyful promise of a King,
Came to you also, Joseph, to confide
That God conceived this Child.

Guardian and foster-father of the Christ,
Honor to you, so chosen by our God!
Husband of Virgin Mary, you are first
To show us Christian love.

text: Stephen Sommerville, 1972


O Joseph, heav'nly hosts your worthiness proclaim,
and Christendom conspires to celebrate your fame;
for you in purest bonds were to the virgin bound.
How glorious is your name renowned!

But when with grief you saw your spouse about to bear,
you were oppressed with doubt and filled with wond'ring care;
at length the angel's word your anxious heart relieved:
she by the Spirit has conceived.

You with your newborn Lord sought out far Egypt's land,
as fugitives you fled over the desert sand.
The Lord, while lost a while, is in the temple found,
while tears are shed and joys abound.

O Holy Trinity, your suppliant servants spare;
grant us to rise to heaven uphelp by Joseph's prayer,
and so our grateful hearts to you shall ever raise
exulting canticles of praise.


Joseph, whose glory fills the Church with praises,
spouse of the Virgin, Jesus' foster father,
from the Almighty came your high vocation,
best of protectors.

When the Redeemer, whom the prophets' chorus
long had predicted, lay within the manger,
glad was your spirit, while in adoration
lowly you knelt there.

He who as King reigns over all creation
(feared in the deepest, worshipped in the highest)
veiling his Godhead, humbly gave obedience
to do your bidding.

We praise with fervor God the One and Trinal,
who has endowed you with his grace so bounteous;
oh may he grant us, hearing your petition,
joys everlasting!

Holy Joseph, Intercessor
Unto thee God’s children sing;
Be our Patron and Protector,
To God’s throne our praises bring.

Faithful Spouse of faithful Virgin,
Lover of God’s purity;
From thy worthy place in heaven,
Pray that we may faithful be.

Guardian of the Word Incarnate,
Silent guide of God’s own Son;
Guard our hearts and lead us onward
To the life that Christ has won.

Humble man in lofty station,
God has shed His grace on thee;
Pray such grace to us be given,
That we live eternally.

Text: Fr. Christopher G. Phillips, 1991
Music: "Stuttgart" adapted by C. F. Witt, 1715

 Joseph, the praise and glory of the heavens,
Sure pledge of life, and safety of the wide world,
As in our joy we sing to thee, in kindness,
List to our praises.

Thou by the world's Creator wert appointed
Spouse of the Virgin: thee he willed to honour
Naming thee father of the Word and guardian
Of our salvation.

When the Redeemer, whom the Prophets' chorus
Long had predicted, lay within the manger,
Glad was thy spirit, whilst in adoration
Lowly thou kneeledst.

God, King of kings, and Governor of the ages,
He at whose word the powers of hell do tremble,
He whom the adoring heavens ever worship
Called thee protector.

Praise to the Triune Godhead everlasting,
Who with such honour mightily hath blessed thee;
O may he grant us at thy blest petition
Joys everlasting.  Amen.

Cælitum Joseph, decus atque nostræ
Certa spes vitæ, columénque mundi,
Quas tibi læti cánimus benígnus
Súscipe laudes.

Te Sator rerum státuit pudícæ
Vírginis sponsum, voluítque Verbi
Te patrem dici, dedit et minístrum
Esse salútis.

Tu Redemptórem stábulo jacéntem,
Quem chorus Vatum cécinit futúrum,
Aspicis gaudens, humilísque natum
Numen adóras.

Rex Deus regum, Dominátor orbis,
Cujus ad nutum tremit inferórum
Turba, cui pronus famulátur æther,
Se tibi subdit.

Laus sit excélsæ Tríadi perénnis,
Quæ tibi præbens súperos honóres,
Det tuis nobis méritis beátæ
Gáudia vitæ.  Amen

O Joseph, spouse so pure of that immortal bride
Whose glory shines secure, midst virgins glorified:
How now on high thy name is ever magnified
Let all of Christendom proclaim;

How once at God's behest an Angel came to bring
Joy to thine anxious breast, and tell of Christ the King—
The Babe foretold of yore that of a maid must spring,
By God the Spirit shadowed o'er.

How with thy new-born Lord and Mary thou didst flee;
How Egypt did afford haven for them and thee;
How in Jerusalem that Son, sought mournfully,
Restored all joy, all grief did stem.

Not till death's hour is past do other men obtain
The blessings that do last, the joys that e'er remain;
Thou, like to Angels blest, on earth didst here attain
To clasp thy God unto thy breast.

O Holy Trinity, thy suppliant servants spare;
Grant us to come to thee, with Joseph's help and prayer;
And then our hearts shall raise, in saintly chorus fair,
Exulting canticles of praise.  Amen.

Te, Joseph, célebrent ágmina cælitum,
Te cuncti résonent christíadum chori,
Qui clarus méritis, junctus est ínclytæ
Casto fœdere Vírgini.

Almo cum túmidam gérmine cónjugem
Admírans, dúbio tángeris ánxius,
Afflátu súperi Fláminis Angelus
Concéptum Púerum docet.

Tu natum Dóminum stringis, ad éxteras
Ægypti prófugum tu séqueris plagas ;
Amíssum Sólymis quæris, et ínvenis,
Miscens gáudia flétibus.

Post mortem réliquos sors pia cónsecrat,
Palmámque eméritos glória súscipit :
Tu vivens, Súperis par, frúeris Deo,
Mira sorte beátior.

Nobis, summa Trias, parce precántibus,
Da Joseph méritis sídera scándere :
Ut tandem líceat nos tibi pérpetim
Gratum prómere cánticum.  Amen.

He, whom the faithful joyously do honour,
Singing his triumphs with devout affection,
Won on his feast-day, in eternal glory,
Life everlasting.

How highly favoured!  how exceeding blissful!
For, when the moment of his death was nearing,
Jesus and Mary, at his side were standing,
To cheer him onward.

Death was but conquest over earthly bondage,
Sweet, peaceful passing to the heavenly mansions,
Where light eternal now doth ever crown him,
In bliss and gladness.

There, as he reigneth, earnestly beseech we,
That he may offer mighty intercession,
Pleading that pardon and the peace of heaven
May be our portion.

One in Three Persons, Godhead great and glorious
Worship we give thee, hymns of praise and blessing,
Thou who dost honour with a crown eternal
All thy true servants.  Amen.

Iste, quem læti cólimus, fidéles,
Cujus excélsos cánimus triúmphos,
Hac die Joseph méruit perénnis
Gáudia vitæ.

O nimis felix, nimis o beátus,
Cujus extrémam vígiles ad horam
Christus et Virgo simul astitérunt
Ore seréno.

Hinc stygis victor, láqueo solútus
Carnis, ad sedes plácido sopóre
Migrat ætérnas, rutilísque cingit
Témpora sertis.

Ergo regnántem flagitémus omnes,
Adsit ut nobis, veniámque nostris
Obtinens culpis, tríbuat supérnæ
Múnera pacis.

Sint tibi plausus, tibi sint honóres,
Trine, qui regnas, Deus, et corónas
Aureas servo tríbuis fidéli
Omne per ævum.  Amen.


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