O Heavenly King, O Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth, Who art everywhere present and fillest all things, the Treasury of blessings and Giver of Life, come and dwell in us, and purify us from every stain, and of Thy Goodness, save our souls.

Kontakion 1
Come ye faithful to celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit. From the bosom of the Father He has been poured out upon the Apostles, He has covered all the earth with the knowledge of God, He has rendered worthy of the vivifying grace of adoption and of the heavenly glory, those who hasten to Him with a pure heart for He hallows and renders divine those who cry out:
Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Stanza 1
The bright choirs of the Apostles unceasingly sing in heaven the glory of the Holy Spirit, source of life and of immaterial glory. We also glorify Thee with them, Spirit of goodness, for all thy favours manifest and hidden, and humbly we beseech Thee to cover us with Thy blessed shadow:

Come, true light and joy of the soul.
Come, cloud bringing dew and inexpressible beauty.
Come to accept our praise as fragrant incense.
Come, spirit of truth, which the world cannot receive.
Come to make us taste the happiness of Thine outpouring.
Come to gladden us with the abundance of Thy gifts.
Come eternal sun and without setting to establish Thine abode in us.
Holy Spirit Paraclete, come and dwell in us.

Kontakion 2
Under the appearance of tongues of fire, in light and mighty breath, the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, bringing joy. Then wrapped in His flame, the ancient fishermen called the whole world into the Church of the Messiah, enduring in joy misfortunes on land and on sea, without fear defying violent death. And throughout all the earth is spread the message of their hymn of divine praise: Halleluia!

Stanza 2
Cup which pours fire and dew upon the apostles in the upper room of Sion, we sing to Thee, we bless Thee, God Holy Spirit! Pour forth also upon us the cup of Thy wisdom:

Come sanctifier and protector of the Church.
Come to give Thy faithful one single heart and one single soul.
Come to embrace our piety that is sterile and frozen.
Come to scatter the darkness of atheism and ungodliness spreading over the earth.
Come to lead the world on the way of right living.
Come to teach us the truth whole and entire.
Come, wisdom inaccessible and save us by the ways known to Thee.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us.

Kontakion 3
O immense profundity of mystery! God Spirit inapproachable, Creator of the universe with the Father and the Word, Thou hast made the beauty of the heavenly and angelical orders; in the splendour of Thy glory Thou hast called into existence the procession of the brilliant stars. Joining flesh and spirit in a marvelous unity, Thou hast created mankind. This is why all that has breath raises this praise to Thee: Halleluia!

Stanza 3
By the infinite power of the wind which flew upon the waters in wondrous circles, Thou Spirit Eternal, hast given life to everyone and to everything. Having come forth from Thy life-giving breath, the inexpressible beauty of original creation rose from the unfathomable depth. Wherefore to Thee we say:

Come to us, O most wise Maker of the world.
Come, Thou Who art great in the little flower as in the star of the sky.
Come, unspeakable diversity and beauty everlasting.
Come, light up the gloomy chaos of my soul.
Come to transfigure my poor existence with Thy creative power.
Come, teach me to do Thy will.
Come, to make in us a new creation in the Messiah.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Kontakion 4
Unseizable Spirit of all goodness! Thou hast clothed the most pure Virgin Mary with the dazzling inaccessible splendour of Thy Divinity, causing her to become the Mother of God the Word, the Queen of the Angels, the salvation of man. Thou fillest the Prophets and Apostles with supernatural power. Thou woundest their hearts with heavenly beauty, imbuing their words with a burning passion which captures man for God. Thou convertest the utmost of sinners, who filled with fervour and ardent zeal sing: Halleluia!

Stanza 4
By the Holy Spirit every soul lives, and at the last hour of our age which will be the first of the age to come all creatures will rise by His Power in order to enter into the resurrection. O Comforter full of goodness, raise us then from our graves, not to be condemned but to rejoice with all the Saints, our relations and our parents.

Come to free us from spiritual death.
Come at the hour of our death and satiate us with the Body and Blood of the Saviour Messiah.
Come to grant us a gentle death with a pure conscience.
Come to render bright our awakening from death.
Come to render us worthy to contemplate in joy the dawn of eternity.
Come to make us sons of incorruptibility.
Come as a sun to enlighten our bodies made immortal.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us.

Kontakion 5
Having heard Thy voice say to us: “If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink,” we entreat Thee, O Son of God, allay our thirst for spiritual life; give us the living water of Thy Holy Spirit, co-essential. Pour out upon us the flood-tide of grace, that being ever refreshed, we may cry out with love: Halleluia!
Stanza 5
Spirit eternal and bountiful, incorruptible and uncreated, protection of the righteous and purification of sinners, free us from every impure deed, that the light of Thy grace be not extinguished in us singing to Thee:

Come, Thou good One, to give us contrition and streams of tears.
Come to teach us worship of the Father in Spirit and truth.
Come, sublime truth, to remove the doubts of our feeble understanding.
Come, treasury of good things, to give us the treasure of poverty in spirit.
Come, Giver of life, to restore freshness to Thine exhausted creature.
Come, light eternal, to drive away phantoms and terrors.
Come, joy without end, that passing sorrows be forgotten.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Kontakion 6
Rejoice, daughter of the light, Sion our holy mother! Adorn thyself, incomparable bride, O Universal Church of the Messiah resplendent with light as the firmament! Upon thee rests the Holy Spirit, Who heals infirmities, completes what is wanting, gives life to the dead and leads to life everlasting all who worthily and rightly exclaim: Halleluia!

Stanza 6
“In the world ye shall have tribulation,” said the Lord. Where then shall we find comfort, who will console us? O Holy Spirit, it is Thou Who shalt allay our sufferings! Make intercesson for us with groanings which cannot be uttered and lighten the hearts of those who entreat Thee:

Come, sweet freshness of those who suffer under the weight of burdens.
Come, Thou who dost converse with prisoners and art the support of the persecuted.
Come to uphold the weak and abandoned.
Come, have mercy on victims of misery and hunger.
Come to heal the passions of our soul and of our body.
Come to visit those athirst for Thy splendour.
Come to give meaning to our trials with the hope of eternal joy.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Kontakion 7
“Whosoever blasphemeth against the Holy Spirit it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world neither in the world to come!” saith the Lord. Hearing this dreadful declaration, let us fear being condemned with those who revolt against Thee and against God. O Holy Spirit, allow not our hearts to accept malicious words. Withdraw from schism, heresy, and atheism all them that err and make them worthy to sing in the bosom of the Church of the firstborn in the ages of ages: Halleluia!

Stanza 7
When the Holy Spirit departed from Saul, dread and discouragement took possession of him and he fell into despair. Thus also in times of disheartenment and hardness, I feel how far away from Thy light am I. Help me to invoke Thee without fear, for the consolation of my soul, for Thee to clear away my cowardliness.

Come then, chase me not away for my murmuring and my impatience.
Come, overthrow the plots of the dark spirits who seek to trouble me and bend me.
Come, calm the treacherous storm of anguish and irritation.
Come, soothe those whom the misfortunes of life have embittered.
Come, alleviate our hearts in the day of fury and wrath.
Come, comfort those who are bent down under the weight of the cross.
Come, put into us a contrite spirit, that with patience we may save our souls.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us.

Kontakion 8
Save us, O Heavenly Father! Spiritually we are poor and ill, blind and naked. Give us of Thy gold which the fire has purified. Cover the shame of our nakedness with a white garment. Heal our eyes anointing them with Thy balm. May the grace of the life-giving Holy Spirit descend into the impure vessels of our souls and renew us to sing: Halleluia!

Stanza 8
Like the tower of Babel, so shall collapse the prosperity of the world. Wretched all the plans of men! It is good for me that Thou hast humbled me, for in my sins and in my repeated falls, Thou hast shown me my weakness and my worthlessness. Without Thee we can do nothing; it is by Thy grace that we hope to be saved.

Come, therefore, Thou the only one Who establishes life with wisdom.
Come to show us the unfathomable ways which are Thine.
Come as a lamp to give light to the end of our life.
Come, bless us each one in our upright endeavours.
Come to bring thy help to our good deeds.
Come to enlighten our mind in the hour of doubt.
Come, grant us the spirit of repentance, to banish the tribulations which threaten the world.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Kontakion 9
“God so loved the world so as to send His only begotten son!”: He was made flesh by the operation of the Holy Spirit and of the Virigin Mary. On the Cross He stretched out His hands which had created the world, and with His Blood He redeemed the entire cosmos from sin and from death. Therefore all creation in the expectation of the glorious liberty of the children of God sings to the Father Who has loved it, to the Son Who has saved it and to the Spirit Who renders it holy: Halleluia!

Stanza 9
The Holy Spirit Who descended upon the Messiah in a bodily shape like a dove in the Jordan descended upon me in the baptismal font. But the darkness of my transgressions has obscured my beauty. So like a traveller lost at night in the forest awaits the dawn, I myself wait for a ray of light from Thee the Good One, in order not to perish utterly.

Come to the one who has received the awsome seal of Thy Name.
Come alleviate my conscience tormented by the ruthless flame.
Come to renew my life and free me from the slavery of sin.
Come to dispell the dark visions inside me.
Come to teach me compassion for the misfortunes of others.
Come, help me to love every creature of Thine.
Come to grant me the joy of Thy salvation.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Kontakion 10
It is the Holy Spirit Who causes us to be born to eternal life, the Holy Spirit Who inspires the martyrs, ordains priests, crowns the just, consecrates the bread and the wine into the Body and into the Blood of God! Grant us the crown of Thy gifts: infinite love which forgives all, which suffers for enemies and wills that all be saved: Then, in Thy light, being made sons of the light, we will sing: Halleluia!

Stanza 10
Who will separate us from the love of God? Misery, anguish, hunger, nakedness danger or the sword? Even if we should be deprived of everything on earth, we should have in heaven an inheritance which does not decay. Give us therefore, O Lord, to love Thee not only in words or with the lips, but also with true labour and the effort of our entire life.

Come, Spirit all powerful, increase in us the faith which triumphs over all.
Come, give us boldness in prayer.
Come to warm our hearts and prevent the rebellions without number from causing our love to grow cold.
Come to hold us back from falling, in days of persecution and derision.
Come, preserve us from great temptations and from occasions of falling.
Come, give life to our hearts with the dew of Thy grace.
Come, heal us, sanctify us, reawaken us and strengthen us.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us.

Kontakion 11
That which the Prophet announced, a time from the Lord has been accomplished: “in the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” O Spirit so longed for, give us in Thy consolation, at least a crumb that falls from the banquet of Thy children, for us who sing with love: Halleluia!
Stanza 11
Even if like a flash from a lamp, Thou dost not shine in the secret of the heart, but for a brief moment, the radiant flood of Thy revelation remains unforgettable. This it is which transfigures our frail nature in a divinely marvelous way. Make us worthy, Comforter full of goodness, to acquire Thee until the end of the time our life on earth and to hymn Thee:

Come, lamp which gives the light of eternity.
Come, enfold us in Thy splendour which has no decline.
Come, treasury of humility, and joy of the gentle.
Come, Living Water, to cool our burning passions.
Come, for far from Thee there is neither bliss nor repose.
Come, because with Thee, the kingdom of the Heavens is everywhere.
Come to seal Thy grace in our soul, similar to a sun.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Kontakion 12
Inexhaustable stream of grace, O Holy Spirit, Thou Who forgivest sins, receive our prayer for the world, for the faithful and the infidels, as for sons of rebellion: and lead all into the eternal kingdom of the Holy Trinity. By Thee may the last enemy be vanquished, death, and may the world, being reborn through the purifying fire, sing the canticle of immortality: Halleluia!

Come, full of goodness, to reawaken in us the thirst for the future life.
Come, to revive in our souls the hope of the life in the age of the truth.
Come to give us the goodness of the world to come.
Come to give us the garments of purity, white like the snow.
Come to fill us with the splendour of divinity.
Come to lead us to the marriage of the Lamb.
Come to render us worthy to reign in Thine everlasting glory.
Holy Spirit, Paraclete, come and dwell in us!

Kontakion 13
O resplendent spring of Love which saves, Spirit giver of life! In the breath of Thy coming embrace mankind which has become like ice from its iniquities. By the power of Thine unfathomable ways, hasten the downfall of evil and the eternal triumph of the truth of God. May God be all in all, and every creature in heaven, on the earth and under the earth, proclaim: Halleluia, halleluia, halleluia!
This Kontakion is sung three times, then one repeats Stanza 1 and Kontakion 1.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Who coverest the universe and givest life to the world, Thou dost depart from wicked persons. I therefore beseech Thee with humility, not to offend Thee by the impurity of my soul; come and live in me and purify me from all filth of sin: Vouchsafe that with Thine aid I may pass the remainder of my life in righteousness and in repentance, in order to glorify Thee together with the Father and the Son in the ages of ages. Amen.

+ Bishop Jacob Barclay- Translation from the Italian version Wednesday 30 January, 2008.
The Russian text was translated to Italian by Leonardo Paleari in Italy


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