The Opuscula of St Francis of Assisi

The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi

Parts I & II

Translated from the Latin Critical Edition by Fr. K. Esser, O.F.M.

[Die opuskula des hl. Franziskus von Assisi. Neue textkritische Edition. Editiones Collegii S. Bonaventurae ad Claras aquas, Grottaferrata (Romae) 1976.]

N.B. The division of parts in this edition of English Translation is not found in the original Latin critical edition, but has been added the translator.

      1. Admonitions
      2. The Letter to Saint Anthony
      3. A letter to the Clergy
      4. A letter to Custodes
      5. A letter to the faithful
      6. A Letter to Friar Leo
      7. The Rule given for those in hermitages
      8. The Praises of God Most High
      9. The Blessing given to Friar Leo
      10. An Exhortation to Praise God
      11. The Exposition of the Our Father
      12. A Prayer before the crucifix
      13. A Salutation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
      14. A Salutation of the virtues

    Part II

      1. The Canticle of Brother Sun or The Praises of the Creatures
      2. A Letter to a certain Minister provincial
      3. The Letter sent to the whole Order, along with the prayer "Omnipotent, eternal ..."
      4. A Letter to the rulers of the peoples
      5. The form of living given to Saint Clare
      6. Praises to be said at every hour
      7. The Office of the Passion of the Lord
      8. The Regula Bullata
      9. The Regula non-bullata
      10. The Testament of Saint Francis
      11. Saint Francis' last written will for Saint Clare
      12. The Testament given at Siena
      13. On true and perfect joy

Chapter I

In the name of the Lord begins the life of the Friars Minor.

Chapter II

Concerning those who wish to adopt this life, and how they should be received.

Chapter III

Concerning the divine office and fasting; and in what manner the brothers ought to go through the world.

Chapter IV

That the brothers should not receive money.

Chapter V

On the manner of working.

Chapter VI

That the Friars are to appropriate nothing for themselves, and concerning the begging of alms and sick friars.

Chapter VII

On the penance to be imposed on Friars who are sinning.

Chapter VIII

On the election of the Minister general of this fraternity; and on the Chapter at Pentecost.

Chapter IX

On preachers.

Chapter X

On the admonition and correction of the friars.

Chapter XI

That the brothers should not enter the monasteries of nuns.

Chapter XII

Concerning those going among the Saracens and other infidels.

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